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    Music, home improvement, time with family
  1. sailor86

    Song Name Game

    Happy Jack--Who?
  2. sailor86

    Song Name Game

    Roadhouse blues--Them Doors
  3. sailor86

    Where were you the first time you heard Zeppelin

    I was but a lad in the car with me Mum when Stairway came on the Nova's AM-only radio. Intrigued. But the light really came on a few years later when the local AOR station played a rockumentary of Zeppelin. I recorded it. Heard "Achilles Last Stand" and I was blown away. I was a complex kid and Last Stand fit the bill perfectly. Layers upon layers of inventiveness. Went and got a guitar not long after that. "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" was my first honest to god song that I played. I went on to learn nearly everything Zeppelin ever recorded.
  4. sailor86

    Favorite song off of Presence?

    Tea for one. The time-honored blues thing with Jimmy overlaying his own personal twist.
  5. Ten years gone has all the dynamics and shifts of Jimmy's true genius.
  6. sailor86

    Favorite Zeppelin Ballad/Melodic song?

    Goin' to California makes me wanna cry it's so beautiful.
  7. sailor86

    Song Name Game

    Something in the way--the Beatles or Nirvana or somebody...
  8. sailor86

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    I believe I was there. Twas July 4th of 1985. Unfortunately, being the incoherent idiot that I was, I don't remember much. But not all is a loss. I also had the great fortune to see Jimmy with The Firm around the same time.
  9. sailor86

    Song Name Game

    Wiser Time-- the Crowes
  10. sailor86

    Song Name Game

    "High Enough"--Darn Yankees
  11. sailor86

    Song Name Game

    "I Want You to Want Me"--Cheap Tricksters
  12. sailor86

    Song Name Game

    Um...uh...umm.... "I'm the One that You Want"--Olivia Newton and Travolta. So sue me.
  13. sailor86

    Song Name Game

    Stone Free-Jimi Hendrix
  14. sailor86

    Song Name Game

    Can't explain.
  15. sailor86

    What are you listening too

    Vintage (and surprisingly astonishing guitar) from Def Leppard: http://youtu.be/BC1U1M08NPk