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  1. Roadhouse blues--Them Doors
  2. Ten years gone has all the dynamics and shifts of Jimmy's true genius.
  3. Goin' to California makes me wanna cry it's so beautiful.
  4. Something in the way--the Beatles or Nirvana or somebody...
  5. I believe I was there. Twas July 4th of 1985. Unfortunately, being the incoherent idiot that I was, I don't remember much. But not all is a loss. I also had the great fortune to see Jimmy with The Firm around the same time.
  6. "High Enough"--Darn Yankees
  7. "I Want You to Want Me"--Cheap Tricksters
  8. Um...uh...umm.... "I'm the One that You Want"--Olivia Newton and Travolta. So sue me.
  9. "What is home"--the black crowes. Nobody's Fault but Jimmy's, great moniker!
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