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  1. Roadhouse blues--Them Doors
  2. I was but a lad in the car with me Mum when Stairway came on the Nova's AM-only radio. Intrigued. But the light really came on a few years later when the local AOR station played a rockumentary of Zeppelin. I recorded it. Heard "Achilles Last Stand" and I was blown away. I was a complex kid and Last Stand fit the bill perfectly. Layers upon layers of inventiveness. Went and got a guitar not long after that. "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" was my first honest to god song that I played. I went on to learn nearly everything Zeppelin ever recorded.
  3. Tea for one. The time-honored blues thing with Jimmy overlaying his own personal twist.
  4. Ten years gone has all the dynamics and shifts of Jimmy's true genius.
  5. Goin' to California makes me wanna cry it's so beautiful.
  6. Something in the way--the Beatles or Nirvana or somebody...
  7. I believe I was there. Twas July 4th of 1985. Unfortunately, being the incoherent idiot that I was, I don't remember much. But not all is a loss. I also had the great fortune to see Jimmy with The Firm around the same time.
  8. "High Enough"--Darn Yankees
  9. "I Want You to Want Me"--Cheap Tricksters
  10. Um...uh...umm.... "I'm the One that You Want"--Olivia Newton and Travolta. So sue me.
  11. Vintage (and surprisingly astonishing guitar) from Def Leppard: http://youtu.be/BC1U1M08NPk
  12. "What is home"--the black crowes. Nobody's Fault but Jimmy's, great moniker!
  13. No, but I stuck my face in a bowl of punch. HYE played "Rain Song" for years only to realize you've been doing it the hard way?
  14. Sevoya...er, uh, I mean onion. Trans Am or Camaro?
  15. For Rockers--Jackson Browne
  16. Originally from the Atlantic Eastern Seaboard. Stationed on the West Coast. Have to say East since that's where my family is.
  17. How was McLaughlin? Haven't heard that name in a while.
  18. The Pack is back. Xbox 360 or PS3?
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