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  1. SC sucks my balls! Covered spread but they deserved a w did Penn st
  2. Bitch ass home boys goin down!!!!
  3. Come on rookie! You are going down!!!!!!
  4. Eli is a common! Gonna punk some home boys!!
  5. They will still beat Dallas!!!!?
  6. Great win for the Cubs and for baseball!! Expect the Cubs to be on top in the NL Central for years to come!
  7. Still no pitchers listed for game one? We know Kluber will get the call but Cubs could go with either Arrietta or Lester? In Las Vegas the Cubs are favored at -200 even though Cleveland has home field!
  8. WaaaaaaHeeeeeee!!!! Great bouncing icebergs!! The Cubbies are gonna eat dem Injuns!!!?
  9. No posts from that bitch ass Cards fan tonight? Maybe because the Cubs are taking care of business??
  10. I would call tonight Stellar Paul. Another classic! Come on Cubs! One run! 9th inning as I type this!
  11. LOL!!!! The Buffalo Bills have the best differential in the NFL baby!!! Kicking ass! Gee,. Buffalo vs Dallas part III?? I know it's early. I looked at the schedule and the very worst the Bills could do, if they were to lose every game vs competitive teams is 9-7. I say they win at least 10 and maybe 11. NE is the team we have to deal with. We can win at Oakland and at home vs Pittsburgh. Last 3 are Miami, Jets Cleveland. We get Jacksonville at home also. Wrack em, stack em and pack em! This year we are going to the playoffs!
  12. Filthy shit bags are the Carolina kitty cats!!! Fuckers!!!!! Take them off the contendets list and put them on pretenders list. Buffalo is back baby!!! Ready for anything or a phone!!!!!!
  13. We need to stomp some damn ass tomorrow!!!!!
  14. How about those Bills and Rams!!!! The Bills will fight New England until the end!!!!!
  15. Just amazes me how people post new topics and head off to the misty mountains. Like once they have put out there point of view, they dont have the decency to see the responses. Gee, maybe I should create some new threads? I havent made one in a looooong time. Because I chose not to overload the board. I am at least being consciencious.
  16. Well here I am! Up pops the lefty with the image of being a righty! Well that pic above reminds me of Saving private Ryan, one of my all time favs. But Im sure it was taken in beautiful downtown Bagdad. If we are to disuss the Muslim thing, lets do so here. If its Hillary/Omama we will go to the Pres thread as long as its ok with all??
  17. Perhaps you are right Hermit. But it wont change the heated tone that will emerge with this these very emotional topics.
  18. These are matters that people feel very strongly about. Cant always control emotion. sorrry about that.
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