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  1. I saw him at a concert last night and he is cool, laid-back and lacking the usual high-profile entourage.
  2. They can also go into a tizzy when you take up for Plant, so don't take it personally.
  3. Steve Martin (Bluegrass/Banjo at the Ryman), Alison Krauss and Union Station (Rounder Anniversary) and Kings of Leon. All in one week.
  4. Them Crooked Vultures earlier tonight at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville
  5. Paul McCartney in Peidmont Park, Atlanta: Amazing. Simply amazing. Two and a half hours of pure magic.
  6. I am going to see Better than Ezra tonight in Nashville. In the upcoming three weeks I also plan to see Dead Weather, and I am ging to a benefit concert featuring Alison Krauss and Union Station, Cherryholmes and The Steeldrivers at the Wildhorse Saloon. However, I am too old and tired to keep up with Jahfin. He constantly amazes me.
  7. Actually I named her Stella after my favorite beer, so a bowlful of Stella Artois would be in order! Haha One of my friends gave her a sip of beer once (when I was distracted grilling burgers) and she hated it. I really hope she turns around in the next couple of days.
  8. I think she knows I am worried about her. I have done nothing but stay in and give her 100% of my attention. My usual weekend routine is quite hectic. We have both been lying around watching tv and resting. I am doing everything I can think of to spoil her. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon. If not, she will need to be x-rayed for kidney stones. The vet tells me she will not like the diet she will go on if she has kidney stones.
  9. My German Shepherd has a kidney infection. I know that is trivial compared to human sickness, but I hate seeing her in pain. Weekend has turned into a bummer.
  10. I saw "The Hangover" last night and laughed so hard I thought I was going to quit breathing. Funniest movie I have seen in years. Pure escapism, no intellectual value whatsoever. I highly recommend this movie an an antidote to a strssful day at work or a bad week.
  11. Looks like you have a great local music scene there in the Triangle!
  12. Not likely on the moving to Tennessee. I do appreciate all the positive attention and publicity he has brought to the Americana scene. Although album sales are flat or down, depending on genre, Americana album and ticket sales have increased since Raising Sand. I fully credit Plant for most of that increase. But there are no indications here in Nashville that he plans to relocate here. For those that are interested in the growth of Americana during the past year, here is a link to a recent statement from Americana Music Association CEO Jed Hilly: http://www.cybergrass.com/modules.php?name...le&sid=6317
  13. Comcast in Nashville moved it to channel 148. Try that one, it took me a few minutes to locate.....
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