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  1. I think it is highly likely the masseuse is a member of this forum. I think it is possible a Brooklyn member of this forum attended as well. So nice to see that Robert gave these non-journalists a ....shout-out. He must really be proud of his superfans.
  2. I don't know if you have ever been in the Mississippi Delta in August, but I suggest lots of suncreen and mosquito repellent.
  3. This entire thread is amusing. Marriage licenses are a matter of public record in all 50 US states (as are births, political campaign contributions, etc.). Peyton Manning discovered this recently when his "off the record secret" twins were born. The fact that no media outlet is actively pursuing this by filing a simple FOI form means that a. it is considered a baseless rumor and not worth pursuing or b. nobody cares.
  4. It is my personal experience, from living in a neighborhood with public figures, that those that guard their privacy usually do not participate in Halloween, and certainly do not come out onto the front porch and pose with people they do not know. It is my strong personal opinion that the lovely couple knew exactly what they were doing (by leaving the interior of the house to pose for photos) and they knew exactly what the outcome would be (photos all over the Internet). This is much ado about nothing.
  5. Robert made a guest appearance with Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin last night at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, backed by Buddy's band which included Cody Dickinson from the North Mississippi All-Stars. They performed "Sea of Heartbreak" and a song from the Crown Vic set in Marfa (the tiitle escaped me, must have been the bourbon). Robert did talk about Crown Vic and referred to them as "Mine and Patty's new band". He said he named the band after his favorite car. The crowd loved that one.
  6. Love is in the air and all around, this fall. Everywhere from London, to Nashville, to Austin, and LA......
  7. I don't know why you are derailing the thread. I have never claimed to have been invited anywhere. I proudly support the music community by paying for my tickets, and volunteering with two nonprofit agencies that specifically support the music community.
  8. September 18, 2008: "Whatcha Gonna Do Leroy" duet with Buddy Miller. Americana Music Awards at the Ryman. A neighbor gave me his second row tickets and VIP pass. I am unaware if that duet has been repeated.
  9. That is the reason I posted that...they all handled it like the seasoned pros that they are, and the references to Tampa and Harris Teeter were hilarious. I could never figure out why so many people in my neighborhood shop at Harris Teeter (With Publix and Kroger practically in the back door). I guess seniors get a 5% discount there.
  10. Certainly not me. I thought Ohio State would be the end of my beloved Wildcats. i never dreamed I would be packing for Houston this week. Not with this year's line-up of freshman. Wonders never cease.
  11. Yes, I spoke with Steve, regarding the driving conditions. Everyone in Nashville is pretty friendly.
  12. In his opening remarks, he noted that it had been a "strange" snowy day, or something like that. The camera crew was there, I would bet they captured that remark as well as some footage on the conditions outside the venue.
  13. I realize that two inches of snow should not normally be a big deal, however the timing of this weather event created a perfect storm-type situation with traffic flow. At 3:00pm, there was no snow in sight. At 3:30 the snow came in fast and hard, with over an inch falling in the first hour. Nashville is not a mass-transit city, so office workers ran for their cars and attempted to go home around 4:00pm. Mass traffic jams ensued, and the snow plows were unable to get through the traffic to clear the roads of snow. The Interstates were at a standstill, the back roads and shortcuts were all clogg
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