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    Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham, Robert Plant, & everything Zep.
  1. Hello. My name is Zoe. I'm a Zep-aholic and damn proud of it too.

  2. Welcome Zeptember 2012!

  3. Hi Zoe! I left some messages for you. I hope to hear from you soon. ROCK ON FOREVER!

  4. Celebrating Rocktober!

  5. Here are a few random facts about myself. I can NOT sleep when it's quiet. Silence hurts my ears. So I always have my stereo on. I have a severe clown phobia. I discovered my newfound addiction to mountain dew w/a shot of vodka. I'm a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto series. I'm a sucker for a good Scorsese film. Goodfellas and Casino are 2 of my most favorites ever. I prefer Burger King to McDonalds. I prefer Coke to Pepsi. I'm a pomegranate fiend. Pom juice, Pom shampoo, Pom cereal...etc... If it's pomegranate I've probably already tried it. I listen to all kinds of music from al
  6. Right now I'm making a video compilation of this past weekends ZepFest III. So at the moment I'm listening to Swan Song performing The Rover & The Lemon Song.
  7. San Antonio, TX. The only good thing we have out here is Zepfest every Zeptember.
  8. What a really tough choice. All three are anthemic and eternal. I love Stairway. Kashmir has always been a huge favorite of mine, but I voted for Achilles because that song is powerful and epic. It gets my heart racing!
  9. The Song Remains The Same sndtrk BBC Sessions How The West Was Won Although, I could cheat and say Box Set vol.1 & 2, and Mothership. LOL!
  10. True, greatness is objective, but I voted yes because to me Zep IS the greatest.
  11. I voted for 'Since' because that song makes me swoon. It's hard to pick just one though. Thank You holds a special place in my heart.
  12. Thanks for the add! Keep on rockin! =)

  13. Hey Dancin'Days, that's a freaking sweet tattoo! Awesome!
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