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Van Morrison at Wamu Theater in NYC 2/28/09


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I'll be honest and admit that I didn't know much about VM other than the handful of songs I've heard on the radio. I've always heard he was hit or miss live. A lot of people told me after the show, this was a very big hit. Van's doing a tour where he plays one set with one band, and then performs his legendary album Astral Weeks from 1968 with an COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BAND. People from all over the country were there and two told me this was one of the best shows they have ever seen with him. I guess I lucked out.

One thing was cool is that he started, as advertised, at 8pm sharp. This man can play! Plus, I didn't know how talented he was because not only does he sing, he plays guitar, sax (that's him on Moondance), keyboards, and harp. I'll try to find a the real setlist but this is what I remember.The first set was mostly hits including:

Crazy Love


Wild Night

Jackie Wilson Said


Comfortably Numb

Brown Eyed Girl

Baby Please Don't Go....plus a bunch others that unfortunately I do not know the name to

Then there was exactly a five minute break and he did Astral Weeks:

1. Astral Weeks

2. Beside You

3. Sweet Thing

4. Cyprus Avenue

5. The Way Young Lovers Do

6. Madame George

7. Ballerina

8. Slim Slow Slider


Listen To The Lion


Great show!!!

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