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To me Led Zeppelin is the best band ever, but if I had to create a band with members from other groups,here is what I'd choose:

Freddie Mercury(vocals,composer,keyboards)

Jimmy Page(electric and accoustic guitars,composer)

Paul Mccartney(bass,vocals,composer,keyboards)

Keith Moon (drums)

I know it's a bit too simple to just put names on a sheet of paper, but I'd like to know your personal choices.

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Can I make my Perfect Band with dead musician?

Janis Joplin (vocals,songwriter)

Jimmy Page ( electric and acoustic guitar,songwriter)

I agree 'bout Paul McCartney being the best bass player and more...

...Lars Urlih? (drums)

Don't know.It is a strange combination of my favorite musicians.

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Robert Plant (vocals, harmonica)

John Bonham (Drums)

John Paul Jones (Bass)

Jimmy Page (Guitar)..............

wait a second :huh: why does this sound so familiar

Totally agree. They were and still are the perfect band.

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