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improving accuracy


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practice this blues scale, if your a begginer

place you fingers on theese frets, but keep all your fingers on the frets, start at low e and work your way down to high e

e5, 8 <-incase you dont get this, the letter is the name of the strings and the

a5,6,7 number is the fret, make sure you different fingers for each fret, and

d5, 7 remember that your pinky finger is used for the 8th fret during the exercise


b5, 8


then do it in reverse from high to high e to low e

E8, 5 <-the capital E is the high e(the string furthest down from your face)

b8, 5




e8, 5

just do it one string at a time and repeat it intill you can do it faster, you can also move it up and down the neck to whatever frets you want, this exercise will help you loosen up your fingers and improve on hitting all the notes around the neck

hope this helps (:

also, look up some easy guitar tabs, like ACDC, and just basic 3chord progression stuff, but i would recommend a program called ''powertabs'' they seem to be the most accurate.


im sorry if your not a begginer, cause if you aren't, your probably thinking ''no shit, sherlock'' :P

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