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Bits of wood and metal...


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we should and i believe that we, zeppelin fans are sad and paying our respects to the MAN that made rock guitar as it is and will be for ever in the future...

Everywhere around the world for years to come your notes and sound will still be heard through that exceptional thing called Gibson Les Paul....

From the newest kid who's starting to play smoke on the water to those who are able to achieve musical knowledge earing Led Zeppelin WE do thank you...Sir....for...

Just being...


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Mr. Paul did so much more than design a great guitar (but that would be enough in my book)!

He was a true visionary! To have been bright enough to even think of having the ability to record more than one track (muti-track audio). And then go out and build it with an old Ampex 300 machine, slapping a second tape head in it for the extra audio to bus to tape.

Being a recording guy myself I believe that was one of the most important thing's to have happen for the advancement of the prerecorded music industry.


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