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Kashmir live,


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This is by far my favorite version of Kashmir, I would love to buy this..but where?


VH1 has ads before it plays...suck

but here is the one on youtube

Thanks, I love watching these gods..

How's it going "Schtefan?" I hope all is well with you. I notice that you are a new member! I would like to welcome you to the forum and may your stay here be a very rewarding one. In the mean time, take care and ROCK ON!

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I like Kashmir better with Jimmy using the Les Paul and not the cheesy Danelectro. I think the O2 version is better than Knebworth.

If you like the versions with Les Paul then you have the whole of the 1975 tours to pick from, not just the O2...

...& speaking of the O2 versus Knebworth, I'll take the Danelectro plus JOHN Bonham, over a Les Paul plus JASON Bonham every time. Listen to Bonzo on the Knebworth outro - his son can't do that to the same level I'm affraid.

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