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it would be so cool to have a worlwide meet up, wouldn't it! i know what you mean about the distance thing .... oz is a long way from the majority of you!

i have met loadseppelin, reggie29, amazonic, grant ventura and shadowblue in real life. they are all wonderful people. genuine, warm and true zep fans.

i have also made some great cyber friends on this site who i chat with often. they too have become friends that i really cherish. some are my facebook friends, some not, but it's always great to chat now and again.

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I've met four past and present forum members.

1. Obsessed w/Zeppelin

2. Evster 2012

3. Magic Sam

4. Bonzoisgood stuff

I felt like I new Ow/Z and Evster well enough that it wasn't weird. We met and had lunch when I was visiting Southern California in April 2008. I dare say we had a blast!

I met Magic Sam in July 2008 when I went to visit the city he lived in. It wasn't weird because we had talked enough to really know each other. It was a very nice trip.

Bonzois goodstuff went to the same collehge as me, and we met to go to a movie together. This one was a little stranger, but it ended up being all good.

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