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Any unreleased professionally recorded concerts?

boogie woogie

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I remember there were rumors that Jimmy had some of the Japan shows done. I'm guessing this is BS though.

Also, am I only one who thinks Flying Circus is overrated? Jimmy sounds terrible in certain songs. It's still cool to hear how clean the sound is compared to most boots I own though.

Yeah I'v never been a massive fan of that show either, I suspect that part of the reason it has such a good reputation is that it was the first of the high quality 75 SB's released besides the incomplete Dallas show. Another reason could be that even before the SB came out we already had a very good audience recording, probabley the best outside of Millards for that year. Generally though I'm not much of a fan of the first leg of the 75 US tour though, just sounds bland to me with few of the extra flourishes(which started to appear more in the 2nd leg and EC) that make listening to live Zep so enjoyable.

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