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  1. That Josh Hommes guy in Them Crooked Vultures sort of annoys me. There's no edge, he's just adequate IMO. And I really believe they could've done better with someone who's more unique on guitar as well.
  2. Knock Knock Joel...not talking?


  3. ^ There you go!_ Sun in the Night__Brand X
  4. Goodness, 2 more! _ The kConstruction of Light, King kCrimson
  5. Wow, some really original and thoughtful titles here. I'll make it easy."Collapse the Light into Earth"_Porcupine Tree
  6. You're not the only one. This illustrates clearly why so many shows SUCK! The slated time for the concert was 8pm. Granted there are more than one band on the bill, but I like to get to a place early for the best standing room or just to beat the crowd. So G & R come on over 4 hours after the starting time. GREAT! After enduring the aural onslaught of the other grinding bands then to be greeted by what, a potential 3 1/2 hour set by G & R? WONDERFUL!!! That's why I much prefer a ONE ACT show. To devote all energy and attention and to be able to NOT have to wear earplugs to KEEP the sound of noodling warmups out of my selective ears. I'm sure everyone who went woke up at 7am, chipper and ready for the new day!!
  7. I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! I'm SHOCKED and DISTURBED!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  8. Quite honestly, it'd have to be a FREE ticket before I'd see either Motley Crue or Guns-n-Roses/Velvet Revolver. And to top that, 3 1/2 would be pure torture for me even if you paid me!. I had other bands in mind when referring to past ticket prices. The Great White concert in W. Warwick RI scared me enough to not care for pyrotechnics at a concert. I prefer my pyro's in real warfare, not the peace and love of a rock concert.
  9. Back when concert tickets were relatively cheap, two good concerts within a week STILL sold out. Then again, that's when these bands that charge an arm and a leg were young and in their prime. Expensive tix for old timers? Not for me.
  10. It riled up this gentleman so much,He had to go chasing Jake And Elwood Blues while they were marauding the streets of Chicago a few years later.
  11. That looks like a man! Data may not be too sure about his sexuality. How inhumane!
  12. How far is Ruth from Salt Lake City?
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