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  1. Seriously though, what the heck is 100 degrees good for?
  2. That Josh Hommes guy in Them Crooked Vultures sort of annoys me. There's no edge, he's just adequate IMO. And I really believe they could've done better with someone who's more unique on guitar as well.
  3. LarryD

    R. Crumb

    I like this one. Monkey Wrenches!!!!
  4. Hmmm...it almost sounds like a sophisticated SPATS thread..hmmm
  5. LarryD

    Top 5's

    Top 5 snowfall amounts JUST since 1994 when I started coming here._ At Alta_ 94-95, 722 inches_ 07-08, 701 inches_ 04-05, 698 inches_ 08-09, 696 inches_ 05-06, 631 inches_ The record for one winter is back in the late 1930s, 800+ inches fell one year. Nothing like it folks.
  6. Inches? Pfffft, wimps!_ We got 6 feet, 10 inches last week on the mountain I ski at last week!_ Inches? OK, that's 82 inches in ONE STORM!_ That's what we like!!!!
  7. The Rolling Stones NEED to get Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman back in the fold!_I'd even go see them then.
  8. LarryD


    No doubt this branch is on the other side of the railroad tracks!
  9. Knock Knock Joel...not talking?


  10. ^ Good idea!_ Unforgettable--Nat King Cole
  11. Reading this is really more for armchair travelers, LIVING it is the way to go!!!!
  12. LarryD


    Versatility is a great thing, especially for the fixer-up'ers!_ We don't want to go hungry!_ _ Gotta feed the masses!_It's timely considering our earthquake ravaged neighbors. _ We all love music and need to conserve our fuel!_ _ Last but not least, keep those fricken raccoons out from under the house! _ ^Oops, at least they tried!
  13. ^ There you go!_ Sun in the Night__Brand X
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