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Led Zep Anagrams


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So Conneyfogel, when we get the answers do we post it. It kinda reminds me of spelling in junior high. We would have a scramble on the words and I was always the first one done and won a candy bar. What's the prize? :D

Yeah, just whack yer answers down here, and there is a prize for the one with most right (then i'll do some more)

The prize will be a personalised video just for you with a track of your choice as background muzik

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ALL Led Zep Songs wink.gif

Cats tails and hills - Achilles last Stand

Take her bare - Heartbreaker

Carling Woman -

Ride cats up - Custard Pie

You fall wether as hand air

Eg thin hilt- In The Light

He tels brave hen week- When The Levee Breaks

Angry toe seen- Ten Years Gone

A toy harvest in awe- Stairway To Heaven


So far this

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Wow, right erm well done all, sorry about the deliberate mistakes! best do some more eh!

Men met roses eating hash--The Song Remains The Same

Have wet loo lol-Whole Lotta Love (but missing a t)

Emo in Brighton

One shag say I love u

Hey moist worm mane

Roasting gin mm-Immigrant Song

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