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  1. Pics from Getty Images, as you can see the waternarks. So great to see him on stage again, and hope it's just the start. And he looks really happy here.
  2. Awww, familiar topic, familiar discussion, nothing new, just as I've expected.
  3. Ok, here is mine, a picture I took this summer.
  4. Great news! Thanks for posting this Reggie!
  5. Your inbox is full :P.

  6. Thank you ladies!Wish you a nice day as well ^^.

  7. This reminds me of what Jeff Beck said about him trying to get Jimmy to work together...
  8. I wonder if he is really waiting for Robert or just has no real interest to go out and play.
  9. Robert and Bonzo have been friends with the Sabbaths since their youth and they have always joked about each other.
  10. Wow! Thanks Steve, it would be great to see that interview.
  11. Wow, thanks for posting this. I really like the sound of this new band.
  12. I do! And then a bit disappointed after a few seconds.
  13. glicine

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Look at what you said in your first post in this thread, "Then he goes on to say that if they just called it Page/Plant/Jones it wouldn't be as successful." is the same thing as "it wouldn't carry the same oomph"? Please don't twist his words. And I don't think he needs to see a therapist just because he is not doing what some other people want him to do, actually I think it's rather rude to say so. He is a mature musician, a man with a lot of life expierences, and know himself probably much better than we do.
  14. glicine

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Well I was asking "when and where did he state this", could you give me a link or something?
  15. glicine

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Wow, could you tell me when and where did he say this? I' have never heard about such quotes.
  16. glicine

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Well I guess it's not the first "letter" he has received since 1980.
  17. ok I'm now quoting myself, even if it looks silly enough.
  18. Sigh, I wonder why some people never get it. Jason is not his father, it's not about their ability as drummers, they are simply different people. Robert once said he felt guilty being alive when Bonzo is dead, don't you think that's "heavy" enough for any people? It's not about music, or at least not only about music, there's a lot of emotions involved.
  19. Wow! Love the one from Japan! Thanks Sam!
  20. Sigh, why do some people always have to return here and pretend to be new? That's boring...
  21. For a moment I thought I was back in 2008.
  22. Yes you missed it, Sam posted the interview in the Jason's Led Zeppelin Expierence thread. You can read the whole article here: torontosun
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