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  1. Ok, here is mine, a picture I took this summer.
  2. Your inbox is full :P.

  3. Thank you ladies!Wish you a nice day as well ^^.

  4. Happy for Jason that he could do what he wants, even if I'd like to hear more from BCC.
  5. Thanks so much Deborah for posting this, too funny!
  6. Well Steve I've read something else interesting you might want to check out. This is from Nigel Dick's website who was the producer for this video. You can read it here: Nigel Dick Edited for more details on this video nigeldick films
  7. Glad you like it, Moonmaid. This pic is from an interview in a chinese magazine, probablly taken when he stayed in Beijing for a short while in January.
  8. Now now, Knebby, have you expected anything else from RH?
  9. Looks like Robert's tambourine.
  10. This is from Shawn White, the Flying Tomato. Not so accurate though, eh?
  11. She was not getting offended, she was simply stating why you should not come too quick to that conclusion. As a musician, Robert Plant has a lot of fans, and as a normal person just we all are, he has (female)friends and relatives just like we do. And it's not surprising at all that he has been photographed with women who are not groupies.
  12. Didn't Jimmy and Charlotte get to know each other at the backstage of the Royal Albert Hall concert on Jimmy's birthday 1970? And here is a quote of Plant about their journey to Morroco. My Top 10: Robert Plant by Robert Plant Independent on Sunday, 9 November 2003, 283 words
  13. Have watched this video so many times yet I always have to smile when May Pang came in.
  14. Errr, yes, when people disagree with someone else they made their disagreement known, without harsh words used, so what's the problem?
  15. I don't have problem with people judging this as a "mistake", I do have problem with people simply passing the labels "dumb-ass" and "moron". It has nothing to do with if this is a mistake, and nothing to do with if he regrets this. Does anybody who has made a mistake deserved to be called a "dumb-ass"? This is HARSH. Ok, I guess I'm simply not used to strong languages.
  16. Opinions could be much more appreciable when they are expressed in a manner that can be assessed.
  17. I don't really see this move as "dumb", I'd rather say he was/is "stubborn". And according to the UK rich-list, his stubbornness does bring him more than his loss.
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