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Jimmy Page: Whole lotta talent

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In terms of Jimmy saying, "If I were putting a band together."

Wasn't that filmed 12, 18 maybe even close to 24 months ago?

He may very well have taken his own advice by now.

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Thanks for posting, Glicine. It's a good little interview, occasioned by IMGL, and for all I can see the answers to the actual questions posed are really good, honest and straightforward, and that's what you can reasonably expect, isn't it? I find it strange, to say the least, to expect him to reveal details about his plans this year in an interview of this type. Since when can we count on Jimmy to describe his projects in detail beforehand anyway? And if that hasn't been his practice before, why would he start doing it now? :wacko:

You can read some of his comments there as hints about where he is headed with his new music, although it's best to proceed carefully with that - he seems to have in mind a solo effort, and NOT a band, and the type of thing he's aiming at COULD be basically in the power trio format - perhaps with different singers. But all that is still just guesswork.

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If you want a graphic demonstration of Page’s legendary status, try the look of giddy delight that appears on the faces of Edge and White as Page demonstrates the riff to ’Whole Lotta Love’.

Even while watching this movie I happened notice and point this part out. This had to be one of the highlights of the movie.

And even though he did not really say anything, it is still nice to see him and know he is alive and kicking.

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