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I work as a film reviewer for Horror.com and SyFy Channel... which, needless to say, doesn't really allow me to review many musicals. But I do love them -- especially the more "rock" style ones. I was wondering if you guys might have some recommendations for me. I did post a few of my favorites in my blog last month


I wanted to just repost it here, but I couldn't figure out how to embed all the videos. It would have taken me an hour, probably, to recreate it, so I hope you don't mind the outside link. I have clips from The Singing Detective (Robert Downey, Jr.), Repo! The Genetic Opera (Ogre from Skinny Puppy), Tommy (of course!), and the overlooked (IMHO) 2009 musical Nine (based on the life of Federico Fellini, with Daniel Day Lewis in the lead role.

Also, I was wondering what some of your favorite music biopics are. Mine tend to be on the artsy side. For instance, I looooovvvvvve I'm Not There, the movie with Heath Ledger and Cate Blancett (among others) as facets of Bob Dylan's personality. I've watched it several times and practically worn out the soundtrack. It's such an amazing soundtrack, with Dylan covers by the likes of John Doe, Sonic Youth, Eddie Vedder, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Cat Power, etc. Really good stuff!


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If you're a Joy Division fan, then have you seen 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE?

I have, that's a good film too. Control has a few of the same scenes, like when Ian Curtis has a fit in the car and Tony Wilson signing the contract with his own blood.

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