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  1. I saw Sherlock Holmes tonight actually. I pretty much have to agree with you. RDJ is a really, I think, charismatic actor, but it kind of bleeds into every role he does. He had the same kind of witty banter and charm going on in Zodiac, Iron Man, and, now, Sherlock Holmes. Having said that, he may not an obvious choice for the role, but one I'm glad he took. His accent was the only thing that let it down for me. It was far too contrived. He drank, had bare-knuckled fights, dressed like a tramp, yet he sounded like a Lord? Nah. Rachel McAdams is a good actress, IMO, but I didn't get her role in this at all. She had little to no point and she just confused me. But, the one I was really impressed with was Jude Law. He sucks majorly at being a loyal boyfriend, but is a pretty good sidekick. I don't think he's a strong enough actor to pull off a lead, but has enough stregth to support one. He and RDJ had great chemistry. All in all it was entertaining enough.
  2. I'm cold and you're rolling your eyes? Okay... We don't get snow often, and it doesn't last this long. Might be mild for you, but not to me.
  3. Snowy and very fucking cold (-3C/27F). Would like some sun now, please. Kthanksbye.
  4. I'm quite excited about this film, probably the one and only time I ever will be for a K-Stew film. She managed to bite her lip only once in that trailer. I'm in shock.
  5. My town was the only town in England (not Britain), apparenly, that had snow this morning. For the first time ever I had a white christmas. Yay me!!
  6. Thank you Here's the actual case BBC Link My dad was interviewed twice, and this disgusting turd, who lived so close, who questioned only once. Hell, even I was question last year and I'm 24.
  7. It made me happy in April to know that, after 26 years, someone was arrested for the murder of a local teen; it made me happy today to know he pleaded guilty; and it'll make me happy in January to know that he'll get a mandatory life sentence. I had a really shitty day, but hearing that evened it out. Now we can live in peace. RIP C.A.
  8. I'm not a huge Twilight fan, but, still, you'd think that they would've tried to better the success of the first one. I wasn't a huge fan after Batman Begins, but TDK blew that one out the water. And if they make a third one, I'll want that to surpass TDK - visually and in plot. New Moon should've done that. It should've surpassed Twilight. And it didn't. Epic fail on Summit's part. The problem with New Moon was that a different director took the helm. Everything from costume and make up, to the acting, was 'uncharacteristic' of Twilight. If you're not going to follow the books religiously, fine. But, if you're doing a supposed 'Saga', you might want to consider continuity a wee bit more thoroughly. The time that lapses between Twilight and New Moon is a matter of weeks, yet, somehow, most of the characters have different hair, eye colour, personalities, etc. It just irked me to see characters from the first film seem out of character in the second one. And they were pretty out of character in the first film, as it goes.
  9. Oh, god, I saw New Moon and thought the same. I did the same thing, so didn't spend any money, but still, I felt bad for watching it. I actually didn't have a problem with Jacob (Taylor Lautner), he did the best with what he was given. I felt it was all on Bella. Kristen Stewart is a terrible, terrible actress who believes blinking, biting her lip and sweeping her hair back is the appropriate emotional response in every scene. You're about to get fucking eaten, sweetheart, so what do you do? I think I'll blink for a bit. Eurgh. Rob Pattinson is a close second. 'Never trust a vampire... trust me.' I see what you did there, Rob. Really clever He looked so pained whenever he had to kiss Bella. To be fair, so would I, but he's the actor. Friggin' act like you love her. The only saving grace in this film was Jackson Rathbone (a bloodthirsty Jasper), but even then that's because I'd be on it 'til it fell off. I sat through 2 hours of shit just to hear him utter two lines. I ought to feel dirty but he's just so beautiful...
  10. You're in for a real treat, Ledded. I saw them last night in Sheffield. They were amazing. Wish I could go again.
  11. Hey, ZFF, all is well with me, thank ye kindly. Hope you're the same. The Runaways were light years ahead of their time. And they mixed up what was a very male orientated business. That's why I love them. Because they were the first of their kind and they sound so good. Kim Fowley, undoubtably, fucked them three ways to Sunday, but he had a hand in making them, just as much as breaking them. Sandy was an amazing drummer.
  12. I love the Runaways. Queens of Noise is a pretty rockin' album, but I love the rawness of their debut, The Runaways. Dead End Justice always gets me. I definitely prefer them when Cherie Currie and Jackie Fox were still in the band, though they had their moments later on - Black Leather, Don't Go Away and Saturday Night Special. My favourites just have to be Take It Or Leave It and I Love Playin' With Fire. Pretty fuckin-a for an all-girl teenage rock band.
  13. You could use a gradual tanning lotion on the areas that are pale? There are plenty of decent ones out there. We only have a few of their products, but I've read that Jergens Natural Glow Express moisturizer is a quick way of building up a healthy looking tan. Jergens Naturals...
  14. God, I love cherries. I'll have to see where I can get that. Maybe in Boots. Thanks for that, Electro.
  15. We don't have Cepacol (not that I'm aware of), but we have Chloraseptic sprays. I never thought about getting a spray, but will look into it.
  16. Thanks. I don't know, my mother had to have her tonsils taken out, so it's a possibility. I know last month I had the 'flu, so it's not like I get frequent sore throats. I hadn't had one since last year. I'm hoping it won't go behind this, because right now it's bearable.
  17. I'm getting another sore throat. That's the second in (almost) as many months
  18. My brother returning from a trip to Washington D.C today. I'd never say it to him, but, yeah -- I missed him.
  19. It was hardly an argument. SAJ had his opinion and I had mine. How awful. There's been little to no arguing here on the Zeppelin boared as of late (General, not included), so it's not something to get all bothered about.
  20. 'Painstaking detail', lolz. Whatever you say...
  21. Yeah, and that specific region is usually only a degree or two higher than, say, where I live. Hardly makes an impact on day to day lives. Why are you still arguing about this? I've already told you, that, assuming you're not slow, you're always more likely to wear warmer clothes in December. However, you're also still likely to wear said clothes in April. Except that and get over it. I mentioned global warming once. That's hardly 'spouting'. Isn't there some scare-mongering thread you should be on? You can live in as many places as you like, but that means fuck all if you're not in the UK experiencing the climate over an exclusive amount of time. And it wasn't your assertion that confused me, it was your sentence structure.
  22. Exactly. The UK is an island, and a small one, so the weather/temperature will differ. Never too drastically, but enough to make stats irrelevant in some parts. He's either bored/sad enough to want to argue (and I'm not too tired to reply), or he's just plain difficult.
  23. Sentence doesn't quite make sense, but, whatever. Nonetheless, experiencing the UK climate all my life will put me a little ahead of you when it comes to the speaking about it.
  24. You think a few degrees higher or lower is about to make much of a difference? April is in spring, four months on from December, yet is only about 4 degrees higher than the maximum average of December; 1 degree higher than the minimum of December. Three less days of air frost; and we have more sun, considering we change our clocks to lengthen the days. You got me - you're more likely to wear your winters warmers in December... And my 'position' that it's warmer now than it was 17 years ago is not 'false'. Global warming, anyone? The point I made was that if it can get colder now, how much colder could it have been back then? For someone who often lists their location as various parts of the country, you'd think you'd know about our climate - but, wait, you don't actually live here... I'm not a particularly big fan and I barely even remember either act when they were at their pinnacle. Still, it doesn't take a genius to know that, with glasses on, it's Roger Taylor. And, thank you, Aqua.
  25. How do I figure? Well, as I live in the country, I'll know that April's have been known to be harsher than December's, therefore your assumption isn't all together correct. Between Feb-April we often get our heaviest snowfall. Added with the fact that 17 years ago, the temperature wasn't as warm as it is now. Oh, and you had to edit your post to confirm that it was in April. Besides, your original post was about Roger Taylor/Andy Taylor. You assumed that it had to be Andy Taylor because of supposed date and by what they were wearing. Anyone with eyes can clearly see that it's Roger Taylor, and despite being in April, it can often be cold enough to still wear winter clothing. It's not that hard to understand.
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