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  1. Literally, I am so, so sorry to hear of this. Charles was a lovely man. He will be greatly missed. May he rest in peace.
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    It's been a while since I came on here, but I just had to express how sorry I am to hear of Charles, LS. I feel so heartbroken for you right now, and I know nothing will make the pain lessen, but I can only hope that you take comfort in the fact that he is well-loved and respected from all corners of the world. You're all in my prayers.
  3. I'd do all kinds of dirty to this man...
  4. I signed my life away to Twitter a few months back. Aside from it being incredibly addictive, I actually think it's pretty cool how fast you can get access to news and info. My Twitter's @misskikieg
  5. Thanks, nine. Luckily (hopefully), no one was injured and damage was minimal. Appears that Hawaii was much the same, too. Thank God.
  6. I have distant family in New Zealand and am hoping, wherever they are, that they are safe. The first waves of the Tsunami were meant to hit the NZ coast at 6am their time, so most people would've been asleep. It's 8am now and apparently the waves are getting bigger and they've just been put on full-scale Tsunami alert.
  7. Well, my devotion to that band was primarily down to Taylor Hanson. I took a lot of shit for liking that band, and still have all their early records, but I'm not so bothered now. Though one of my favourite recents bands was photographed with Zac backstage at their gig. Brought a lot of memories back.
  8. Thank you Fleetwood Mac are amazing. I saw them in the November of '03 and last November on their Unleashed tour. Lindsey is probably one of my favourite performers of all time. He just never slows down and gets better with age.
  9. Fleetwood Mac (Buckingham/Nicks). I'm so die-hard for that band I'd make a Twi-hard blush. I'm also a bit of a Runaways nut. Probably my favourite 'girl' band ev-ah. Other bands I listen to are Aerosmith, B.R.M.C, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Buckingham Nicks, C.C. Adcock, Creedence Clearwater Revival, David Bowie, The Doors, Grateful Dead, Guns N' Roses, Heart, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Kings of Leon, Kasabian, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Muse, QOTSA, Rolling Stones, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, The Yardbirds, 100 Monkeys. I pretty much go through phases, though. Right now I'm on an Kings of Leon bender. Incidently, Taylore, the first band I ever went hardcore over was Hanson, and that was when I was 11, back in '97.
  10. Who's not cool? You obviously have a higher expectation of Robert than is realistic and I merely pointed that out. Where we think he can sing, you don't think he can. I think it's unrealistic to expect his voice to have the same range/pitch/tone, etc, as it did way back when. If I drink a lot, smoke a lot, take a lot of drugs, have surgery on my throat, etc, are you gonna expect me to sound the same 40 years from now? Robert's voice in '73 wasn't the same. Never mind now. Before this becomes the Robert-bashing band wagon again, I'm out. Back to Daltry (again)...
  11. Was it the wrong opinion to have? Will you be able to run faster in forty years time? It's completely unrealistic to not only expect Robert's voice to be in the same shape as it was in '68, but to actually think he can't sing at all just because he's aged. I name drop her way too much, but I'd be fucking heartbroken if I ever expected 2003/09 Stevie Nicks to sound like 1975 Stevie Nicks. Her voice has deepened/aged. I know this. I expect this. I enjoy her music because of this. People age, and depending on what you've done in that time span, voices won't be the same. Robert wasn't happy with his voice on the first record, never mind the rest of it. He's had vocal surgery, he's aged, he's smoked, etc. Of course he'll sound 'shit' when you think about it like that. He'll only sound poor if you expect him to sound young. But he doesn't, and he isn't. I still recognise his voice, not matter what record it's on. And that's good enough for me. Now, back to Daltry...
  12. I'm not too fussed with the idea, too be honest. I've never been blown away by Roger's voice and I can't imagine Jimmy collaborating with anyone any time soon.
  13. She did alright on her material, not so much on Stevie's. If 'edge' is a euphemism for off-key, then, yes, you can be confident, otherwise, she should just stick to singing well within her limited range. Nicks' voice isn't what it once was, but at 62 I wouldn't expect it to be. I have a boot of her stumbling around MSG off her face in '77. She still sounded better than Taylor. Your generation may be generation 'dork ass', but I want mine to be better than that. And Taylor is not representative of it.
  14. That's exactly it. If there is someone that I haven't met in a long time, or haven't had the opportunity to meet (like people on here or family from overseas), I know I'm not in any danger of embellishing anything to them since the rest of my friends are people I live/work/went to school with. I can't act the shit without someone telling me off, and I don't feel the need to. Facebook is invaluable to me since I have a small portion of my family who are deaf. I can't call them up on the phone and ask how they are, and until Facebook, it was a lot more difficult to communicate with them.
  15. So, we're not talking about Taylor's singing ability because she sang badly on 'Rhiannon' (how could you not know, what, with all the Stevie Nicks comparisons?) - a classic rock song? Because I'm pretty sure that the point of the thread was to argue against the claim that she is the voice of her generation, especially after she sang so badly at the Grammys. And since you originally said that 'all she would need to do is be less pop and do some serious country or rock and she would be unstoppable', I'm asking is it not the case that we're arguing about her singing on a classic rock song in the first place? It is. Here's the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgeTXNxBBzk&feature=related As for my problem with Taylor, like I said, I don't have a problem with her. I just have a very big problem with her performing on one of my all time favourite songs, from one of my all time favourite singers, from one of my all time favourite bands.
  16. But isn't that why we're talking about her now? Because she didn't sing very well on a classic rock song? The genre of music isn't what makes a singer sound shit, it's what they write and how they sing. If you can't do either of those well, no other genre's gonna change that.
  17. Yes, but you implied that we'd somehow forgotten the crucial point of Taylor's song-writing skills when we'd disagreed with her supposed 'voice a this generation' malarky. As if song-writing skills are going to make us see her in a new light. If she can't sing, she can't sing. If she can't write, that's even worse. You can write good songs and have a shit voice, but if you can't sing well, and you can't write well, you're not gonna be remembered for much of what you wanted to be.
  18. Miley Cyrus has been known to write some of her songs, too. Should we give her a medal for it?
  19. Juliet, I have a Twitter account and I can write the best and worst of any particular day, but it doesn't mean anyone will even so much as read/care/act upon it. Firstly, when you use Twitter you usually write the least interesting, trivial or random of comments. There was no reason for how many thousands of followers to believe he would've killed based on a 140-lettered sentence. Secondly, I'm pretty sure if they could, his friends and family would've done all in their power to help him. If they didn't see the signs, I don't see how anyone reading over the internet could've. I can say I had a shit day, but if someone suggested I'd speak to the Samaritans or got to hospital for help, I'd think they were insane. The bottom line is if someone wants to end their life, they will. It's unfair to blame media outlets, or to even imply his friends and family weren't a good enough 'support system'. I'm sure they have enough to grieve over as it is.
  20. He posted a few comments relating to his mother's death, and his grief, on Twitter. Obviously, that was a sure sign that he was to end his life.
  21. This the clip you were thinking of? I'm used to hearing it like that and prefer her voice a little rawer. Personally, having heard her in concert (as well as the many I have on bootleg) I think her voice is flawless. She's had her moments, but none that were so drastic that they altered the way she sang from recording to finished product. If you listen to Angel, you'll hear her sing just as she was in that clip, only it doesn't sound as 'harsh', given that backing vocals and instruments drown it out, so to speak.
  22. You might wanna dial back the 'gayness' a bit. Okay, so you're at school, yeah? Well, when I was at school I was the only person in a year of near 200 kids who liked Zeppelin - and I'm a girl. Guys in bands wouldn't know shit about them, and would then look down on me because I did. Back then I thought I was the shit and they knew nothing about music. Now I just realise that I simply happened to like an 'old' band that drifted through my dad's record player. If I'd never heard them then, who's to say I ever would have now? Whilst I would've loved nothing more than to have someone listen to a record with me, I wasn't crying in the breast milk that no one ever did. I liked 'em; they didn't. The world keeps on turning. Your peers aren't wrong for liking their music. The wonderful thing about taste is that it's subjective. What appeals to you could be about as appealing as a bag of shit to someone else. There's no right or wrong, and treating people like they are wrong, is, well, wrong. And, as Aqua has stated, the '70's weren't all that, either. True, I am a child born of '85, but I have enough K-Tel compilation records in my collection (thanks, mum) to know they had some fucking awful shit going on, too. Nowadays the fucking awful shit you hear is that much more accessible to listen to (thanks, interwebz). You don't have to like it, but you shouldn't think less of people who do. And you certainly shouldn't lose respect for people. That's just asinine. Broaden your horizon a bit and you'll see that 'modern' music doesn't equate to just Top 40/Billboard. There's plenty still out there. You just got to want to look for it.
  23. Hi, Buck Oh, I wasn't questioning the validity of your claim, since I noticed he was hunched too, but merely pointing out that I, somehow, had the impression he led a relatively 'clean' life of late. I was also agreeing with Aqua in that I don't recall ever seeing a picture of him smoking. But then, since I'm not a big fan, I wouldn't have looked out for one.
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