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Ace Frehley at the Nokia in NYC 3/21/10


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Just got back from the city after seeing my favorite member of Kiss, Ace Frehley, live at the Nokia in Time Square. Excellent show that started kinda late (9:40pm) but was worth the wait. Being sober for many years now, Ace was on fire showing the speed and solos that made him a legendary guitarist. Playing multiple Les Pauls, Ace mostly played Kiss and did a few covers. His band was pretty damn good but I couldn't help but laugh since they kinda looked like some of the members of Green Day. I also liked that Ace took a few shots at Gene and Paul. He played 22 songs and did a lot of teases like Gimme Shelter, Satisfaction, and a little Sabbath. The Space Ace returns. Here's the setlist (K is for Kiss, RS is for the Rolling Stones, H is for Hello, and FC is for Frehley's Comet):

Rocket Ride K

Parasite K

Snow Blind


Pain in the Neck

Into The Void K

Speedin' Back To My Baby

Rock Soldiers FC

Love Her All I Can K

Talk To Me K

2,000 Man RS

Strange Ways K

New York Groove H

Rip It Out

Hard Times K

Shock Me K

Guitar Solo

Let Me Know outro K

Shout It Out Loud K

Deuce K

Love Gun K

Cold Gin> Black Diamond outro K

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Cool, Love Her All I Can was a suprise. It's one om my fav tracks from Dressed To Kill.

I caught the Atlantic City show the night before. ALOT of hardcore Ace Fans.Very cool to see-although I never liked Kiss.

I recorded most of it from 2nd row with my HD cam. Unforutately my two hour disc was full at one hour 24 so I couldn't record the best part of the show. Next time I bring back up.

Overall it was a good show. Loved the guitar on fire/smoking bit and the following song which was mostly solo. I now have respect for Ace. (sorry it took so long!). It also makes me appreciate Mr. Page that much more.

did they have two warmup bands?? I didn't get their names but the first one was a punk rock type that was OK. The second band sounded like TCV somewhat, but without the layered rock. Most songs had no lyrics which is rare to see live. I really enjoyed them.

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