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Fender Stratocaster in an Auction


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I noticed i a local auction a fender stratocaster. It has no other info other than the photo.

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what it's worth...ballpark.


You can try this search, or just send a message to the guy who has it asking about it.

I don't really like buying guitar's that I can't touch first. Fender Strat's are every where man, go to a music store, pawn shop ect. and try them out first.

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It's in an auction. It's an estate sale and alot of the stuff is from the sixties.

It's around the Woodstock, NY area.

You never know.

They have a Gibson also.

Thanks for the info!

I don`t think the guitar is from the sixties.

Fender didn`t put humbucker pick-ups in the bridge postion until the late 90s, the rose wood neck is nice but the case doesn`t seem right. This guitar cost well over $1000 when it was produced.

I would buy it if the price was right.

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