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How many of you remember a 1970's concert?

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What age range are all of you peoples?

I saw a few concerts in the70's & the music scene then compared to today is like day & night!

Concerts back then were just as much about The Event & The Ocean(crowd) as the music.

As Zep has said "They got back from the audience what they gave".

Today as in the 80's & 90's- everything seems so "commercialized".

Ya can't even fire up a cigarette, much less "you know what".

Beer sales stop @ 9 p.m. & the venues pretty much have ruined music today with all their "FREAKIN" rules.

I think this is one great aspect that is overlooked in the past decades about bands & is what helped make Zep Legends, because they grew from "word of mouth".

If you were to young to have experienced it - I just would like for you to know The Truth!


There are a bunch of us who saw Zeppelin and plenty of 70s concerts. Need to read the threads. If you check the Time Line on Home page you can see reviews/comments if you click on a specific night that Zeppelin played. If you are talking about other bands then there is another forum for it!

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There is both good and bad for both now and then. For instance, has anyone here in the past 27 yrs had M80's throw down on them form the upper teirs, or had the gates rushed and seen people literally trampled to death, or been to an arena general admission show where the floor had 3 times as many people on it than it should and people up front were getting crushed and passing out? Sure, today's shows seem so controlled and tame compared to back then...but I'll tell you what I remember....the Cap Center parking lot in 77 had all the booze of a Skynyrd show, the weed and acid of a Dead show, and the rowdiness of a Stooges/Sex Pistols show all in one. Zep more than most bands attracted a rukus bunch.

The difference is........today the world is run by lawyers. We are in a mental police state designed to protect yourself from your own stupidity and if you do something really stupid and injure yourself...someone else will get sued. :blink:

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