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Complete List of Links!

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Led Zeppelin Reunion Reviews, Video, and Photos

Hey guys, trying to put together the complete list of goodness.. Would love if you can point out what I miss..

cheers! B)


A nice long shot, a bird's eye view of what it was like to see the boys perform on the stage. Definitely not an MTV style camera shot -- Thank God !!!!

Sure, it's 'camera phone quality'.... but it gives one an idea of what it was like from the audience. A clear shot of the stage all the way through!! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for posting all those links.

I have to say, the STH clip was one I couldn't find on my own.

I'd listened to other songs before it, but something about that song really struck me.

It was like an "it's official" kind of thing.

Anyways, thanks again.

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Did that page that had the entire gig in MP3 format get pulled like all the You Tube postings ? I added the site to my favourites yesterday but it's gone less than 24 hours later.

I'm glad I downloaded them all as soon as I saw the site.

I can't even find the posting which linked to it. I think it was in this thread.

The sound quality is not brilliant but it's certainly the best quality I've heard from the gig so far.

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