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Hello everyone!


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My name is Laura, I'm Spanish so first I want to apologize for my mistakes in english, he, he.

I love Led Zeppelin's music, but I have discovered them a little time ago (two years more or less). That can be underestable 'cause I'm only 20 years old (well, next month, 21), but I've been always influenced by my parent's music and, of course, they played in home Led Zeppelin :) (besides rock and blues music), but sometimes it takes a little more time to get hooked on it. I started listening the classic songs (Stairway, Kashmir, Black dog, Rock and roll, etc.) but now I can say I love their whole discography, from Darlene, to The rain song, from What is and what should never be to Trampled underfoot. I think sometimes I'm a bit obsessed xD

I play guitar since I was 13 and, of course, one of my referents is Jimmy. I also sing, so I'm influenced by Robert. I play drums too, and, what can I say about Bonzo? :P And not, I do not play bass, but that's not reason to not to admire Jonesy. Which I love of that is the pleasure of that moment in that you play along with them Since I've been lovin you, for example... (ok, in the cd haha, but it's a great feeling).

Well, I don't wanna make it longer. That was a little description about me. I'll try to participate in the forum as far as my english level allow me :rolleyes:


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Hello, Laura! :wave: Welcome to the forum!

You seem like a very talented, art oriented person. And a very cool person too (I loved your outfit from the picture you posted in the Newbies section - it's great to see people who know what they like and are not affraid to make a statement about it). I'm sure you will fit in here quickly, like a fish in the water.

Don't worry about your English (a very good one, for my standards). Many of us are not native English speackers either. But we do our best and enjoy the time spent here.

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Greetings to you Laura! :wave:

Nice to meet another fan of the band.

You sound like you know more of the band's music than me and I'm twice your....nevermind!

We do share a favorite song in common though,--The Rain Song. How can anyone not love that gorgeous piece of music?

You sing, play the guitar and the drums too? Wow, you are gifted indeed. I admire anyone who makes beautiful music come from an instrument.

Have fun looking around here. There are lots of fun facts and pictures of the band in the Photo's section.

................:) missy


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Thank you for your welcome! :) You are very nice!

Zdr, I can't wait to wear it! I think most of people won't recognize who the suit belongs to, but... I don't mind :D

Missy, that song has something I can't explain that calms my soul...

I've been having a look to the photo and trivia's forum... there's a looot of information! I need more hours in the day!

Beetleron, hola!

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Hello Laura! Welcome to the forum. :)

That's so cool about you. You play both guitar and drums and you sing too. That's great. Do you play classical/Spanish guitar? :D Your introduction was actually very interesting. And don't worry about your English, it's pretty good. Have a nice time in here. See you around the forum. :)

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