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Led Zeppelin Vinyl


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Hey All

First post here. Did a search and could not find an answer.

Anyway does anyone know if they will ever do another reissue on vinyl. I use to have all of the stuff on vinyl but somehow it got lost or someone borrowed it. . I stopped listening to vinyl for about 6 years. Getting back into it and would like to get these again. I did find my copy of 2 at my brothers. Well lets just say it is no longer playable<br style=""> <br style="">

I am not going to pay the ridicules prices that some people are asking. Come on 200 dollars for a record. I mean how would a younger person trying to get into vinyl be able to get these copies. They could buy like 6 copies of other stuff for one of these. It would be nice if the members would allow another reissue for individuals that are getting into vinyl. Maybe even individuals like myself who would like the new copies without having to take a chance on a used copy.

If there is a previous post on this please link to it if you know where it is.

Peace All & Thanks

Oh Yeah Thanks guys for the great music. I am 52 and kind of grew up with yawl. Zeppelin, Sabbath, Cooper and of course Hendrix all got played over and over. :D Hence the name warpig.:thumbsup:

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Thanks for the welcome. Its always nice to get one.

Hehe yeah you can find near mint. The thing is that it may take 3 tries. Some peoples mint is other peoples good. If you can get it off of an individual then they may know their records better than a dealer. Its not that easy to look at vinyl and grade it. You need to play it all the way through. I am not saying it cant be done. After the 3rd Rush 2112 album +I got a near mint one. Was it new? No and it did not sound as new. Not bragging but my cartridge cost me a pretty penny and do I want to use it to test drive records? I don't think so. Would just like to purchase a new LP at a reasonable price and not make my cartridge walk the blank. :godfather: Hehe the goodfarther is for the cartridge. I thought the 180 and 200 gram sounded better than the originals also.

Again Thanks for the replies. Good listening to all.:3stooges: Dam I loved the 3 stooges also.

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By blackglove at 2011-03-07

hehe a girl I dated had a statue like that at her front door. I hit it one night and broke it. She loved that thing. I was out there with my supper glue for at least an hour. It did come out fairly well though. Though it took about a week to get the supper glue off of my fingers.

Thanks for the welcome.

Peace All

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