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I know that when some people think of Led Zeppelin, one of the last things they think about is the lyrical content (or quality) of their music, but as of late, I am really starting to listen, take in, and enjoy the lyrical content of their music. Now I know some songs aren't of the highest standard like "Hot Dog" "The Crunge" and "Boogie With Stu" but all those songs are unique in their own way. They don't really need good lyrics.

Zeppelin does have songs that are pretty strong in the lyrical arena (to me):

The Rain Song

No Quarter




Ten Years Gone

Since I've Been Loving You

Hey Hey What Can I Do

Achilles Last Stand

In My Time of Dying

...and many more

I love this band more than any other for a number of reasons, and as of late, this reason has been climbing up higher and higher on the ladder of the reasons why. I know they rocked hard and didn't HAVE to have amazing or deep lyrics, but when they did, it was always something to behold.

Am I crazy or are there others out there that agree? :rolleyes:

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No you're not crazy at all.

You are 100 percent correct that the boys (primarily Plant and Page) wrote some mighty profound lyrics.

That's one of the reasons I looked for a song lyric section or site exclusively for Zeppelin.

There is a good one out there. Sorry, I don't have the link handy but it's pretty easy to find.

Another thing I like is Led Zeppelin steered clear of very violent or sexually graphic lyrics.

What a class act! :)..........missy

P.S. I know that JPJ and Jon Bonham collaborated on Zep compositions as well.

But based on the biography books I have read of the band, I believe Robert Plant and Jimmy Page wrote the majority.

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The thing I love about Led Zeppelin lyrics is no matter what the subject is about, they never fail to cheer you up!

Your Time Is Gonna Come - Classic example.

And songs like Good Times Bad Times, give you the "So what/no regrets" kind of attitude, which is great when you're feeling a bit crappy!

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Zeppelin songs are perfect in any prespective - you have a clue to the songs being profound in Stairway to heaven. "If you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last" and it reffers all of their songs, every one of them.

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