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Hi everyone, I'm new here and I hope that this post is both 'in order' and in the appropriate area.

I'm on the wrong side of 50 and until recently, had not touched any of my guitars since my late teens. My son actually discovered them stashed away, and demanded that I play something. I have been shamed into it, but strangely have found taking it up again has been very therapeutic relief from the stresses of my day-job.

Anyway, it's taken a while and lots of practice to get to the point where I am happy to tackle some tunes from my beloved Led Zepp. I usually use UltimateGuitar-dot-com as my source for chords and tab for music that I can't figure out myself (which is most of it). Most of the entries on this site are not official - just people's interpretations.

Unfortunately, for every Led Zepp entry I have tried to view, I get the following message:

This tablature contains content from a third party publisher and has

been blocked by the Music Publishers Association in your country.

I have some problems with this:

  • I am located in the UK - the same country Led Zeppelin are from
  • I don't have any intention of 'performing' any of these songs - for money or otherwise
  • I'm having trouble believing that Jimmy Page would endorse the blocking of these interpretations of his music for people who simply want to learn the music. After all, it's well known that as a lad, Jimmy practiced the styles of his guitar heroes - the Blues legends from the US South - without anyone stopping him or claiming any rights infringements.

Does anyone know if the blocking of Led Zepp music on this site is indeed the work of Jimmy and/or Robert Plant (or someone on their behalf?

Perhaps Jimmy and Robert might like to make this music available to those of us who would liek to learn their music and styles?

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I don't know man, I can look them all up just fine.

Thanks for that Jimmy....I suspect the reason is that whoever hold the publishing rights to Led Zepp songs in the UK (is it Plant & Page?) has chosen to block all their music through this site.

I understand that musos need to protect their Intellectual Property just as much as any business does, but stopping guitar players (and other musicians) from even practicing the songs, or learning the styles these bands have, is just bloody-minded and dumb! As i said, this seems to be very much at odds with how Jimmy Page copied all the blues legends and borrowed very heavily from a number of styles. I have also seen a very early clip of him playing a song by one of the blues legends (possibly Lead Belly or Blind Willy Walker - I really can't remember now) - so obviously copying musos who had gone before him did not worry him then.

I really hope this is one of the band's reps who has overstepped his authority and not a act of flagrant hypocrisy by Page & Plant!

If anyone has links to these guys, perhaps they could get some confirmation of exactly WHY Led Zepp music has been blocked on this site.

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