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Japan '71 pic?


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According to the book 'LED ZEPPELIN Complete Book' that was published in 2008 by Shinko Music Entertainment Co.LTD in Japan, it is supposed that this photo was taken on September 26,1971 in Kyoto,Japan. It was taken by Koh Hasebe who took a lot of pics of Zep when they were in Japan.

After two performances in Budokan in Tokyo,LZ went to Kyoto.It was the off day.The Japanese staffs took them to a small club in Kyoto and LZ guys except for Robert (he was there too though) had an about 40 minutes-gig on the stage.

At first audiences(about 40-50 people) didn't know who they were, but LZ's performance was very good and at last audiences noticed they were Led Zep!

Peter Grant warned Hasebe not to take a picture there, but Hasebe ignored it. biggrin.gif

The caption is 'legendary secret gig(!?)'.


'LED ZEPPELIN Complete Book' 41xk2FSK30L__SS500_.jpg?t=1312511834

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