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What acoustic 12 string did Jimmy use on "Shake my tree"?


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The guitar you're talking about is a Les Paul fitted with a Transperformance system. Jimmy has two of those, a purple one and a gold top one. He's been using it in all his projects so far, even at the O2 concert. That's not the guitar I'm asking about.

BTW, I think I made a mistake. It's not a 12 string he's using on "Shake my tree". Nonetheless, I'd like to know what acoustic guitar that is in the song intro...

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Most likely Jimmy Page used the Washburn EA20-12 Acoustic/Electric, which he used since 1988.


As a side note, he actually had FOUR Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus guitars equipped with the TransPerformance system, now the AxCent Tuning System.

The Goldtop


the Wine Red


the 'Pepto Pismol', which he traded to AxCent for.....


the "Eerie Dess", which he named.


Thanks to Neil Skinn, founder of AxCent Tuning Systems for the info.

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#2 (not the Joe Walsh one) had the pair of spring-loaded push buttons installed under the pickguard for series/parallel and phase switching.

The Transperformance-equipped Les Pauls' buttons allowed for solely different tunings.

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