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  1. Technically, Robbie Gade's name is Robbie Polomsky https://www.tahoeonstage.com/genres/rock/magic-window-opens-new-view-of-creedence-artist/
  2. Page's 1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom 'Black Beauty' was purchased new in 1962 for £185.
  3. That is Rusty Brutsché, co-founder of Showco.
  4. Lawyers shut that one down.
  5. Page stole the silver metal plates from Jim McCarty's bass drum head (or vice versa)!
  6. I hear that you have a keen fashion sense, too. I can assist in Deb's absence,
  7. http://www.winonapost.com/Opinion/ArticleID/32303/The-night-Led-Zeppelin-played-in-Winona-and-nobody-knew-it Good read. It references some of the audience leaving during The Yardbirds' set, too.
  8. The first photo is from December 4, 1966. Upon taking possession of the Tele from Beck, Page put the original white colored pickguard back on. The Tele looks worn. The next photo is from February 2, 1967. Page put eight reflective circle on the front of the Tele. Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett was seen in the recording session for the movie "Let's All Make Love" in January 1967 with a Telecaster with reflective circles on the front. I've always said that Page did this as a nod to Barrett, however, I have never found a link between the two, such as a live date where both bands played or a Pink Floyd date around the London area when Page was NOT on tour. The third photo is from April 13, 1967. This is the last dated photo I have of the Telecaster with the circles on it. The fourth photo is from July 22, 1967. This is the first dated photo I have of the Telecaster having been stripped down and had the Dragon painted on it. So, the transformation happened between April and July 1967. Photo five is an older, yet undated photo of the interior of the Hunt Armory. See the history on the structure at http://pittsburghpa.gov/district8/armory-history. Better photos of the space at http://rs.locationshub.com/location_detail.aspx?id=045-10000637&user=45&photopage=1 It is *plausible* in photo 5 (with the American flag) might show the same ceiling layout/infrastructure. On that last link, there is a picture of a classroom, with low, false ceiling tiles. I doubt The Yardbirds played in there.
  9. I'm not saying that spaces can't change their appearance in 40+ years, however, here is the interior of the Hunt Armory as of last summer. I just think with the lack of ceiling tiles/ceiling infrastructure, I can't buy that the Page picture came from the Hunt Armory.
  10. Paul St. John was in partnership with Pittsburgh-area promoter Rich Engler, so it may be the correct city........
  11. NOT from August 16, 1967. The Telecaster had already been repainted into its Dragon persona. This would have to be before April 1967. Any thoughts?
  12. Sorry got slightly confused by your post but who have you been in contact with.

  13. He is a nice gentleman. I have enjoyed the email conversation we've had over the last few years.
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