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  1. Ddladner

    Tropical Storm/Hurricane Harvey

    Thanks, luvlz2! We are well east of the storm this time. The forecast shows rain next week (but that's a daily occurrence in south Mississippi). Hope our brethren are faring well. Amen! That drives me nuts!! So irresponsible.
  2. Ddladner

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday to you, ebk! Sounds like you are having a splendid day. Warm wishes for a great year ahead!! I will have a bubbly cocktail this evening in your honor. Cheers!!
  3. Ddladner

    The Birthday Thread

    Many thanks, Kiwi! Appreciate the birthday wishes!
  4. Ddladner

    The Birthday Thread

    Hi, Sath! Thank you for the birthday wishes!
  5. Ddladner

    The Birthday Thread

    Thank you, Walter! Been in 'lurking' mode lately. Check in every now and then to see if a reunion is in the works. Hehe!
  6. Ddladner

    The Birthday Thread

    You guys are the BEST! Thank you for the warm birthday wishes, it means a lot! Strider, I would love a piece of that gorgeous birthday cake!!
  7. Ddladner


    Bravo! Bravo! You have outdone yourself, Strider! It was all worth the wait, and I hope you had as much fun reliving that glorious week as I had reading about it. Let us know when the book is available!
  8. Ddladner


    When watching live versions of LZ, I love when the camera pans to the audience. That awestruck look on the faces of the audience members is priceless! It always makes me wonder who they are, what they must have been thinking, and where are they now? Thanks for bringing a voice to those lovely faces, Strider. Great job!
  9. Ddladner


    Strider, I have so enjoyed reading this thread! Your keen memory, along with your ability to put into words all of the sights, sounds, and yes, even the smells, of that glorious week, is a gift to us all. We can all feel like we are right there with you! I wish I had been your concert buddy, giving you a high five on that special night, but alas, that day has passed, so I give you my high five now. Keep 'em coming, friend. It's good stuff. Really good stuff.
  10. Ddladner

    Big Head Todd and the Monsters

    ^^^ Thanks for the posts, zepscoda! The band was on fire that night! I can see why they are such a staple at Red Rocks, they give the audience everything they've got and more! Such a fun night!!
  11. Oh I am so envious!! ❤️❤️❤️ Big Head Todd and the Monsters / Collective Soul at Red Rocks was spectacular!! THANK YOU to zepscoda for the tip that they would be playing at Red Rocks, an unbelievably gorgeous outdoor venue. The best place to see the stars, indeed! Watching the strawberry moon creeping up from the horizon next to the stage during the concert, and then rising to shine down on Red Rocks to highlight the band was a sight to behold. One that I will not forget! And both bands ROCKED the house! I loved it so much, I will be back there tomorrow night to see Chicago / Doobie Brothers. And I will be wishing I were at the Bowl on Saturday.
  12. Ddladner

    2016 NFL Thread

    Yes, that was cute.
  13. Ddladner

    Lady Gaga

    ^^^ I completely agree! Lady Gaga has great showmanship and is completely fearless...wow!!! The drones were a cool add.