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  1. I have been trying to catch up on the Terminator films, not very good writing with no threat, just new terminators.
  2. Mountain biking, and learning to hate roots...
  3. Yeah, read something along those lines, and he sold it around 1990, then it became guest house.
  4. Yeah, It could be interesting, and hopefully David can swing Jimmy into including stuff rather than omitting stuff.!
  5. Funny enough, I was looking for this Freddy March film A lot of the search results , were divorce lawyers....😟
  6. Thanks all for the links, I have seen the picture, but never knew the back story.
  7. I remember joking with a forum member about the last pictures.... Once in a life time
  8. Trying out a mountain bike,,,,
  9. Thank you, Never knew his used one back in 1978....
  10. Pretty nice site and quite a few albums I will look up....!
  11. For anyone who has the book, does it mention the Roland guitar synthesizers. He used a couple and appeared in press adverts for the company.?
  12. Is it a Missing disc? could you not contact the vendor....?
  13. No need to over think the background....
  14. Is this a book more for guitarists, about set ups and twiddly bits.?
  15. I cannot say that a Led Zeppelin branded Hot Wheels would be in my top 1000 things I would like from the band.!
  16. M.R.James Ghost Stories Of An Antiquary.
  17. Really good story, now how long before a limited edition signed copy of the case appears.! Nah, even Jimmy would not think of that....
  18. A very Merry Christmas to you all, and a very Peaceful New Year. Made Blue Cheese mash here.
  19. My memory was one wonder and awe, seeing man on the lunar surface. I was very young at the time but that memory stuck with me. Strider, I always wanted that Revell kit, around 70-72 my mother must have been wondering where all the washing up liquid bottles, shower heads and tin foil disappeared to....
  20. As I lost my disc from the 1993 version, would it be worth picking up a copy of the remaster....?
  21. I have tried to keep up with this topic, so nothing on the horizon at the moment...? Ever positive for some fruit to ripen and drop into my record collection...
  22. Watching the Japan Figure Skating Championships 2018 yesterday which is not a sport I really have any interest in..... The skater Shoma Uno was dancing to a Flamenco version of Stairway, which is the first time I have seen a dance interpretation of the song......pretty good.
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