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  1. Watching the Japan Figure Skating Championships 2018 yesterday which is not a sport I really have any interest in..... The skater Shoma Uno was dancing to a Flamenco version of Stairway, which is the first time I have seen a dance interpretation of the song......pretty good.
  2. Cecil.

    Merry Christmas!

    A Very Merry Christmas to all on the forum.......and a Peaceful New Year.
  3. Cecil.

    what are you listening to right NOW!?

    Lonely is the Night, I heard it first on GTAV so I bought the album which is not in my top list...
  4. Cecil.

    Cozy Powell joins Led Zeppelin (Rare pics)

    Oh, okay thanks, Stairway..... I might not be the most up to date person on the forum.
  5. Cecil.

    Peter Grant's Horselunges Manor, Sussex.

    That is a nice bit of history, I always thought certain members of the band used to trawl Country Life for place to live...
  6. Cecil.

    Cozy Powell joins Led Zeppelin (Rare pics)

    I think it was Knebby who attended this event, I not sure if she still is around but it would good to hear a few details of the night. I only heard about it sometime later when Robert was doing a Honeydrippers show....!
  7. Cecil.

    How do the latest Zeppelin Books stack up

    As I have only seen one briefly of the books, I can not really answer. Dave Lewis has a good eye for small details. The Books by photographers tend to get rated on any new/unseen pics. Most books by a music journalist tend to rather upset the band or forum, usually both at the same..... Not much help I know, but have fun around here Lloyd...
  8. Cecil.

    Jimmy Page photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios

    That is the guitar I remember, he used it on the C/P tour, I called the switchy guitar thingy wotsit, it was black. I hope he is doing something fun in Abbey Road and not faffing around with past glories and generally making them shorter and less appealing..... As that was his live set up, maybe he was just "seen to be playing live" again, well there is picture....!
  9. Cecil.

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    This was on CD, we came across a music shop, I bought a Billy Squier album, because it sounded good on GTA 5.
  10. Cecil.

    What Made You Happy today?

    A couple, well a group of Japanese high school kids one of them said hello, so I said hello back. Gaining some confidence, he next asked where I was from... "England" Total look of confusion..... What made me smile about this is, he was expecting me to be from the USA. So he could ask about baseball....
  11. Cecil.

    Jimmy Page and Joe Elliott to appear at Classic Rock Awards

    All I can add is the front cover has 3000 Yen listed as a price, so I thought maybe it was a programme. I did not attend the show, but every artist who attended would have had a visa relating to performing or just visiting the country, so maybe it was down to whoever came up with the promo banner.
  12. Cecil.

    I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    I am a bit wary of biopics of musicians, and this one seems to have had a "troubled history". I not sure exactly is it about the band or Freddie Mercury, anyway I am sure sticking a Queen song will cover up any narrative shortcomings.
  13. Cecil.

    Jimmy Page and Joe Elliott to appear at Classic Rock Awards

    Steve, The Rock Club and there is another title that are usually given out free outside venues or if inside it is a "please take one" next to the merchandise. Are there band/gig listings inside? because from the pictures this looks like it was related to this specific event which unusual. It is just a paper not programme.? The paper also has the Pony Canyon logo on the top right so did this get shown on TV here, I know the thread was from a while ago and I cannot remember, might have been Fuji TV. Anyway that is about all I can help out on this one.
  14. I heard so of this show today and I thought it sounded rather good, better than the version I heard sometime ago.