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  1. PG for me, saw a 8 track once and was really tempted.....!
  2. Good to see a picture Strider.
  3. Could be Universe very big, Earth very small and a bit out of the way. But even in own Solar System, I do expect us to find life of some form if we poke around enough.
  4. I have fairly duff ears when it comes to Led Zeppelin lyrics, but it is Been....
  5. Unexpected.... Watching on Prime the first series of Lupin the Third (1971), a anime series. During the titles/intro up pops a picture of Robert with the Catweazle beard and John Bath 1970 pictures. If anyone knows more about this I'm all ears, at first I thought I was seeing things.
  6. Happy to Wish, all on the thread. A Very Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year.
  7. Yeah, they seem to have went down the same route as the Alien films. In the first two films a Terminator was a threat, after that it became less about characters and more about flashy scenes.
  8. I have been trying to catch up on the Terminator films, not very good writing with no threat, just new terminators.
  9. Mountain biking, and learning to hate roots...
  10. Yeah, read something along those lines, and he sold it around 1990, then it became guest house.
  11. Yeah, It could be interesting, and hopefully David can swing Jimmy into including stuff rather than omitting stuff.!
  12. Funny enough, I was looking for this Freddy March film A lot of the search results , were divorce lawyers....😟
  13. Thanks all for the links, I have seen the picture, but never knew the back story.
  14. I remember joking with a forum member about the last pictures.... Once in a life time
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