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Bought this record. It's on tie dye vinyl (which looks so cool spinning). Pretty good sound quality too. The set-list is as follows:

Side A:


2.Thank You

3.What Is And What Should Never Be

Side B:

1.Communication Breakdown (Medley contains Ramble On)

2.We're Gonna Groove

3.Since I've Been Loving You

4.Whole Lotta Love (sounds like a medley of songs has been edited out)

My guess is it's Led Zeppelin On Air 3-21-1970 & 9-4-1971. However, the info I see says On Air should include That's The Way on side A and Stairway To Heaven on side B. What d'ya think? No matter what it's still awesome and contains the best version of Communication Breakdown I've ever heard. Thanks for any input.

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