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  1. I've signed up for the pessimists club as well. Been hearing about new music at least once or twice a year for a long time. I believe he intends to create new music, I just wonder why a completed project has not been released. Still hoping but I won't be holding my breath.
  2. DAS

    Make me laugh!

    Lie Witness News cracks me up.
  3. Mindi Abair. She is a Jazz musician who used to play sax as a touring member of Aerosmith. I've seen her in person and she is a great performer, hence being hired by Aerosmith. She posts all her albums on her youtube channel here. I recommend Wild Heart.
  4. Third from the left. Aren't I handsome?
  5. Is that any goofier than Nirvana's actual lyrics?
  6. Been watching reruns of The Drew Carey Show. I saw them all back in the day but think they're funnier now than the first time around.
  7. Franz Liszt is my personal favorite. I've always enjoyed sonatas a great deal more than a full on orchestra and no one does them better than Liszt. A piano, when played right, doesn't need any accompanying sounds.
  8. I agree, seems very impractical to me. I started buying vinyl mainly because it's cheaper and has a better selection of music that's much easier to find, but I couldn't imagine anything that could make me want one of these.
  9. DAS

    Joe Walsh

    I like it. He gives you a little of everything. Sometimes solo, sometimes, Eagles, sometimes James Gang.
  10. DAS

    Make me laugh!

    This is actually real.
  11. DAS

    Joe Walsh

    I'd like to see him play everywhere solo. The Eagles are great but he has more to offer on his own than in his limited role in the Eagles.
  12. For sale on Amazon, people actually solve these!
  13. I can't decide if its cutting production costs or companies wanting "essential items" to break so you have to buy a new one. Either way the modern an must own a TV, computer, cellphone, ipod, tablet, video game console, etc. and he will replace anything that breaks. We may not like it but as long as we keep re-purchasing shoddy items we think we cannot live without we'll keep getting shafted. That's partly why I'm pretty much off the grid entirely. A cheap computer, basic phone and old box TV, all of which I use very little, is about as far as I go with electronics since they break so easily and cost so much.
  14. I can't help but feel pessimistic about the new film since pretty much everything Star Wars related has been terrible after the original trilogy. However, I am interested in just how it will turn out since Shadows of the Empire was a non-Lucas installment and it turned out better than all of his post-trilogy efforts.
  15. ^ I was thinking the same thing. I was even wondering recently about what happened with that. Can't wait to hear it.
  16. Key To The Highway - Charlie Segar
  17. DAS

    Your Cell Phone

    I don't know. It was the cheapest phone sitting on a shelf at target several years ago. I bought it because it was economical and it's been just that. It's been aged, dropped, smashed and spilled on but only has one minor, about quarter inch, crack on the casing and still works like new.
  18. DAS

    Make me laugh!

    Kind of an oldie but I laughed when I saw it today.
  19. DAS

    This or That

    Fruit Loops Donkey Kong or Pacman?
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