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Possible Jimmy Page owned Danelectro guitar


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Hi all.

I own a 60´s Danelectro guitar that according to the guy i bought it from used to be owned by Jimmy Page.

I guess that you have heard similar stories many times before but the guy who sold the guitar to me is Mason Ruffner, american blues guitarist that knew Page in 80´s.

Mason used to tour with Jimmy both on the Outrider tour and the Firm tours as the opening act and they were good friends.

He told me that he traded the guitar with Jimmy for a small acoustic Gibson guitar at Jimmys house in the late 80´s.

I am trying to get confirmation if this realy is true or not but i can not see why Mason would cook up a story like that.

it is documented that they knew eachother and played alot in the 80´s.

Have anyone here seen the guitar in Jimmys hands or even better has a picture with playing it??

Would love to hear if anyone knows more about this guitar.


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Well, the guitar seems to be a Danelectro with a telecaster bridge, saddles, and pick up so the guitar is rather heavily modified. Why someone would want to do that I have no idea. Whether it was owned by Jimmy or not remains to be seen. I would research the serial number to try to track the guitar and find out production info, that would be your best bet. If this was Jimmy's guitar I could see why he wanted to trade it, though if it was Jimmy's you have a major score my friend. :thumbsup:

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Has anyone here seen the guitar in Jimmys hands or even better has a picture of him playing it?

For what it's worth I've never seen a photograph of Jimmy with this guitar. I understand Mason allegedly said a trade was made, I'd be interested to hear why Mason wanted this particular guitar at the time. I'd also appreciate clarification as to where and when it was obtained as Jimmy did not reside in the U.S. until '91. They had first met in March 1985 in New Orleans so perhaps Mason went to England to visit in the late eighties.

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Yes, the guitar was modified and according to Mason it was Jimmys tech that modified the guitar for him.

I dont think researching the serialnumber will give anything, the gutiar was made in 1962 but Jimmy could have bought it at anytime after that.

In regards to how Mason got the guitar these are his own words:

"In regards to how I obtained the guitar I met Jimmy in 1985 playing on

Bourbon St. in New Orleans. He started dating a lady from there that

he met at my gig while on tour with "The Firm". He started coming to

New Orleans during breaks of the tour and we started jamming a lot

when he was in town. In 1986 my first album came out and I was the

opening band for "The Firm" and later in 1988 I opened the shows for

Jimmy's "Outrider Tour". It was around that time that I swapped him am

old small body Gibson Acoustic for the Danelectro. I don't know where

he got it or how long he had it.

I hope this answers your question about the guitar."

I believe that Mason lived in Europe in the late 80´s, and he then moved to Sweden where he still lives today.

The swap apparently took place at Jimmys house in the UK and it was Jimmy that initiated the trade wanting Masons Gibson.

This Danelectro could have just been a spare guitar that Jimmy had and not one that had seen substantial use or just a recording guitar, nobody knows exept for Jimmy i guess.

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