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Whitesnake with Doug Aldrich


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Check out Doug Aldrich and the new WS albums he's on, Good To Be Bad and Forevermore. Great Les Paul playing and tones, Jimmy Page influenced style and awesome riffs and solos with great melody - Doug Aldrich is one of the very few guitar players that have reached their peak in their 40s as his best work is on those records and now he is the longest standing guitar player in the band, nobody lasted 10 years with David Coverdale, and Doug is still going. The today lineup of Whitesnake is definitely the best if you love Blues Hard Rock.


I have both albums on vinyl and I love them! They are high quality Blues Hard Rock albums, diverse (with rockers like Best Years, ballads like Summer Rain, acoustic songs like 'Til The End Of Time and 7 minutes songs like Forevermore)

WS is my favourite band of all time right now, with Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin coming after very close.

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My favourite Whitesnake era is when Jon Lord and Ian Paice were in the lineup.


"Ready an' Willing" is my favourite Whitesnake album.

The last Whitesnake album I bought was "Slide It In".

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