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  1. THANK YOU...Susanna has always been one of my faves!
  2. ...is that Riff Raff's sister from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"?
  3. Re-watching HBO's "Rome" again....good stuff. Too bad they only did twos easons.
  4. Finished binging "True Blood" over the weekend. Now starting "The Warrior".....
  5. Finished binge watching "True Blood" this weekend and was pleasantly shocked to hear two Zep tunes featured in episodes. Season 6, Ep 7 features "In the Evening" and the show finale, Season 7, Ep 10 features "thank You"!
  6. Future Darwin Award winners.
  7. Deep thinking....hmmmm...."flushing New York"...sounds like a solid plan to me!
  8. Hot (90's) and humid - but no rain storms in the afternoon.
  9. The last week has been gorgeous! Temps in the low 70's, occasional rain shower and partly cloudy. Beats the hell out of the dry, triple digits we had the first three weeks of June. We went from winter in April (32 inches of snow) to summer (triple digit highs) to now Spring!
  10. LMAO...certainly can't disregard the source of THAT article!
  11. Yea, she has a great pair ...........of thumbs!
  12. Thanks Walter.....I have NOT heard that story anywhere! Too cool!
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