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  1. Rain/snow finally stopped last night after two straight days. Daytime high yesterday was 39. Today, only an occasional rain storm and a balmy 59! WOO HOO!!
  2. I'll trade your late Autumn for my endless winter any day! ☚ī¸
  3. It rained all day yesterday...which then turned into snow about 1500 hours. Snowed all night and I woke up to 3 inches of snow on the back deck and yard. It is now officially in the Top 5 longest winter seasons (first snow event in Sept) in Colorado history. Thank God the streets were just wet as the temp only dropped down to 33 degrees last night! We expect a rain/snow mix all day today and a high temp of just 41 degrees.
  4. Finished "The Wire" over the weekend...disappointing final episode. I'm now binging "Deadwood".....
  5. A high of 42 today with a rain/snow mix. I think I'm looking forward to my trip to Iceland next week just for the warmer weather! 😁
  6. Very sad indeed....rest in peace Ms. Kitaen! Still no cause of death listed! Last time I saw her in the media was on the reality show "Botched". Sher had her implants removed and had been suffering from several health issues.
  7. She's actually 31 now....probably did the photo shots when she was 20 or so. Japanese model.
  8. My favorite J-Model: Nanoka!
  9. ...sending warm vibes your way chillumpuffer!
  10. Season 5 of "The Wire". There's talk of a re-boot coming....that scares me!
  11. Two weeks ago, I was shoveling 5 inches of snow. Saturday, I had to mow the lawn! Strange season! Rain this morning and through Wed.
  12. Welcome aboard....new ZepHeads are always welcome!
  13. Elizabeth was DAMN hot no matter what role she played! 😍
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