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    Adventure travel, exotic women, wildlife, classic hard rock/heavy metal.

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  1. Stryder1978


    Welcome to the Board! And I think your English is fine....MUCH better than my Japanese!
  2. Stryder1978

    The Who Thread

    Oh boy, a new tour by the t(Who)! 😉
  3. Stryder1978

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Carol Channing, a Broadway dame known for starring in Hello, Dolly! and Thoroughly Modern Millie has died aged 97, her publicist has confirmed. Channing died of natural causes in California having twice suffered strokes over the past year. She would have turned 98 on January 31.
  4. Stryder1978

    BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL: The College Football Thread

    A National Championship game that didn't even sell out! Pathetic! The NCAA needs to get serious about this and put an end to the Bowl Coalition. Eight team play-off, use the big bowls as a part of the play-off and have the title game the weekend of the New Year.
  5. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "Celebration Day" - Led Zeppelin
  6. Stryder1978

    Today In Led Zeppelin History

    Today, Led Zeppelin played their first gig in America here in Colorado! A local Denver radio station is commemorating it all day!
  7. Stryder1978

    Christmas Songs

  8. Stryder1978


    Just found this on YouTube.....Good Lord this is enjoyable to watch !
  9. Stryder1978

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    No offense, but as much as I love Sabbath, they are on the second tier...along with one of my faves Deep Purple.
  10. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "Dancing Days" - Led Zeppelin
  11. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "Baby Come on Home" - Led Zeppelin
  12. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "For Your Life" - Led Zeppelin
  13. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "The Epic" - Led Zeppelin
  14. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "The Crunge" - Led Zeppelin
  15. Stryder1978

    The Deep Purple Thread

    I knew Ian was a beast, but this girl is simply BAD ASS!