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  1. Summer is back in Colorado....90 yesterday, 90 again today and tomorrow. Adding to the record of most 90 degree days in a year. It was 73, after today it will be 76.
  2. Here are some of the masks I got from Redbubble......I think they are well worth $10 a pop:
  3. Got my Led Zeppelin Covid masks from RedBubble yesterday. Maybe not the highest quality, but they are double layered and the softest cloth of any masks I currently have. And at 10 bucks a pop, definitely worth it. Can't wait till the ladies in the office see my "Soul of a Woman was Created Below" mask!
  4. You have my deepest sympathies! I lost my Boston Terrier Maggie 10 years ago and I'm still not over it! Thoughts and prayers my friend.
  5. So true! On Saturday, I was listening to that same station and they played Skynyrd's "What's Your Name" TWICE in a three hour period. I changed stations....
  6. ...it's Friday and we will see the sun for the first time since last Saturday!
  7. ...from Emma Peel to Lady Olenna, an incredible career...she will be missed!
  8. It's continued to snow all morning...fortunately, it's warmed up to a balmy 37 degrees so the snow isn't sticking! Back into the 80's this weekend!
  9. Got 2 inches of snow yesterday...another 4 inches last night. Heavy wet snow that broke one of my backyard trees in half. That takes care of any plans I had for the weekend! Frickin' global warming!
  10. On Friday, I was out in the backyard listening to a classic rock station out of Denver and they were playing "SIBLY" - which I rarely hear on the radio . They went to a station break and then came back and played "Immigrant Song", then "Out on the Tiles" and then "Tangerine". Those are not the standard Zep tunes one usually hears on classic rock stations and I went into panic mode and rushed inside to check the TV news and internet out of fear that we lost another one of the boys. I found nothing on the news and went back outside and found out that the radio was doing a Labor Day Top 103 Albums of All Time Show and playing three (or in this case - four) cuts off each album on their list. WHEWWW!
  11. ...who is gonna go to all those casinos? Cuomo killed all the elderly when he decided to move the Covid patients into the Nursing homes! Worst governor ever behind Newsome!
  12. Over the weekend we set record highs - 100 on Saturday, 98 on Sunday and tied the record for the most 80-degree days in one season in Colorado. Yesterday, we had so much smoke from the forest fires that temps only got to 77 rather than the 90 that was predicted. It was so dark I had to turn on the lights at noon to make lunch. Today, a "high" of 34 and 6 inches of snow through tomorrow!!
  13. Last week I booked my first Covid-era flight on American to Phoenix. This week I got an e-mail "inviting" me to choose my seats for the fights. Upon clicking the link, the diagram shows all seats available - none show any social distancing AND the cheapest I can choose are $15 a pop! I HATE the airlines and hope they do go under!
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