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  1. First time in weeks I haven't woken up to fresh snow on the streets. Supposed to get a rain/snow mixture this afternoon here in Colorado and then a hint of that global warming this weekend with highs in the low 60's and sunshine! Woo hoo!
  2. Thanks fort the update reids! LOVE Rival Sons and I think I have you to thank for introducing me to them!
  3. Opened the mailbox yesterday to see a bill from Direct TV.....after I cut the cord in December. Opened up the envelope..total amount due...$0.00!! I read so many horror stories about people cancelling cable only to receive bills months afterwards and it taking even longer to get their accounts cleared. SOOO HAPPY not to have to deal with the cable company ever again!
  4. As someone with a MASTERS in Geology and a minor in Atmospheric Studies...you're the one who "needs schoolin'...baby I'm not foolin'!"
  5. Here in Colorado, basically a repeat of last week! We got 5 inches of snow overnight and high temp today is right around freezing!
  6. Watched a Netflix movie over the weekend that I'd never even heard of before. It's called "The Devil All the Time". VERY dark movie, but it keeps your interest throughout. Not exactly anti-religion, but close. It is definitely worth a watch, but like I said...VERY dark themes.
  7. "The Boys" on Amazon is quickly climbing into my Top Ten TV shows of all time! Only two seasons of it so far, but it is fantastic! A whole different spin on the "comic book" movies trope.....
  8. Measurable snow every day since last Friday. We got 5 inches here last night. STILL waiting for that global warming to kick in!
  9. WOO HOO....first time above freezing since 7 February! It's 36 degrees right now!
  10. I'm SOOOOO jealous! This morning, it's a balmy 2 degrees F!
  11. "Key to the Highway/Trouble in Mind" - Led Zeppelin
  12. Here in Colorado we had 3 inches of snow yesterday with a "high" of -3 degrees F (-19.4C) by mid-afternoon. This morning, -15 F (actual temperature - wind chill is -26F).
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