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  1. Ritchie may be a prick to work with, but he is easily one of the greatest, most versatile guitar players to ever pluck six strings.
  2. Bad example. You do realize that that number "97% of all scientists believe in man-made climate change" is actually taken from a poll of scientists and guests WHO WERE AT A MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING CONFERENCE! Also, that their funding is based on creating the fear and paranoia that the earth is doomed. Not to mention that the whole scam id just a way to redistribute wealth. And you believe the scientists that were were telling the public that wearing a mask will not protect you against the virus because the droplets are to small to be stopped by the mask.....yet it is REQUIRED PPE for hospital workers, emergency response personnel, etc. And it also belies the fact that countries that DID encourage the wearing of masks saw SIGNIFICANTLY lower cases of contamination. So much so that now the CDC is reconsidering what their scientists have recommended! I work as a scientist in the Environmental Health field for a university BTW......political and economic bias is rampant in the field unfortunately!
  3. Beautiful today - partly cloudy, a slight breeze and 64 degrees. Tomorrow, a high of 41 and one to two inches of snow...AGAIN!
  4. Call me an elitist, but the only Deep Purple iterations I care for were MK I, MKII and MKIII. After that, the chemistry just wasn't there.
  5. So true! The ONLY re-make I can think of that is better than the original is the 1959 re-make of "Ben-Hur".
  6. Thanks for sharing Kipper! I was able to chat with Gretchen a couple years ago in Copper Mountain. She is as kind as she is talented and beautiful.
  7. Teaching "Julie has Two Mommies" instead of math and chemistry. Eliminating pronouns for fear of hurting someone's feelings. Celebrating and promoting "Gender-free Day". Eliminating Columbus Day celebrations, ST. Patrick celebrations and the word CHRISTmas from all documentation...to name a few.
  8. I work for a University...the leftist propaganda machine is in full force here in Colorado and judging from the high school students, it's not just at the college level!
  9. LMAO...my boss told the University President I am "essential personnel", so I go back in tomorrow! I guess it only makes sense since my department is Environmental Health Services and I am on the Emergency Response Team for the University! DUH!
  10. Our University is now requiring us to work from home. This virus thing is REAAALLY beginning to piss me off!
  11. ...frickin' Tide-Pod eatin', Spring Break Coronva virus spreadin' idgits!
  12. First day of Spring and we get 35 mph wind gusts, temperature of 31 and 4.5 inches of heavy wet snow. But wait....there's more! We get a shot at another 1-2 inches tonight,,,,and ANOTHER blast tomorrow night! Come on global warming!
  13. I went to the grocery store Saturday morning. During the week, I had heard about people hoarding TP, bottled water and hand sanitizer but that didn't bother me as they aren't on my usual list. When I walked in, there was NO produce...NONE!! Half the fruit was gone from the bins. I went to get rice...none. Same went with cans of soup, can's of tuna and chicken, eggs and frozen veggies! The only meat products left were the most expensive steaks. I was gobsmacked! Going home that day, I really thought this was "the end of days". The next morning, I got up and heard on the news that King Soopers was changing it's operating hours from 24/7 to 7AM to 8PM daily. I went back to the store and was first in line. When the doors opened, I went immediately to the brown rice aisle. There were about 30 bags on the shelf, I grabbed 4 bags...two because they didn't have any last weekend and two more for this week. They had two cases of canned tuna..I grabbed 4 cans (I usually go through three a week ). Then I got to the soup aisle. Some lady was there with her shopping cart, The entire bottom of the cart was filled with soup cans and she continued to grab more from the shelf. As I walked by I said "It would be nice if you left some for other people so they could eat too." She looked at me and said "Mind your own business!" I got in her face and yelled "It's selfish a$$holes like you that are turning this into a crisis...and THAT makes it my business!" She stood there silent while I glared at her and then grabbed her cart and moved on. A lady behind me said "Thank you" and grabbed about 4 cans that were still on the shelf. Sorry, but people suck......
  14. ...after going to the grocery store this past weekend, I have lost all faith in humanity.
  15. I've been to China a couple times. Let me tell ya, hygiene ain't their thing! ALL of them spit at random on the sidewalks, they cough and sneeze without covering their mouths and they blow their noses "farmer style" (i.e., use their finger to pinch off one nostril and blow through the other). And in Tibet, it is common practice for all the little kids to defecate on the sidewalks in front of shops...at least the adults relieve themselves in the alleys! So no matter what it's origin is...it is from Wuhan, they spread it with their habits and the government hush up and I DO place the blame for this mess on them!
  16. Like him or not, Glenn Hughes has one of the most amazing voices in rock and roll...back in 1974 and in 2020!
  17. ...that thread is under quarantine.
  18. I have trips planned for Northern Ireland at the end of April and Iceland at the end of May.....fingers crossed they lift these bans by then!
  19. Actor Max Von Sydow, who appeared in films and TV series including The Exorcist, Flash Gordon and Game of Thrones, has died at the age of 90.
  20. THIS is my favorite Jimmy photo of all time!
  21. If interested, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is doing a 24-hour Kirk Douglas movie tribute on 5 March!
  22. Seriously????? He was 103 when he passed!!!!
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