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Jimmy Page Amp and Effects

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Led Zeppelin were famous for being camera shy. And my Led Zeppelin Concert DVD (and most any concert for that matter) was dark on stage, and I couldn't see what kind of amp he was using. I usually use a Strat, but I think I could borrow my Dad's Telecaster, so I'm covered on the guitar itself.

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Those sites cover it pretty well.

Don't forget that his live setup was usually quite different from his studio setup.

As a general point, he supposedly tended to rely on smaller tube/solid state amps in the studio (the little Supro being the most famous) and ended up using the marshall in-studio less than some may think.

I know that he reportedly recorded the infinitely beautiful 'Since I've Been Loving You' solo on a random tiny-watter amp he found lying outside the studio doors after many 'failed' attempts using probably his Marshall setup.

For LIVE performances, he would use Marshalls (atleast 90% of the time), Hiwatts (primarily early days [1968-1971 ish]), Oranges (usually for his theremin), and even Fenders (primarily post-zep).

There were a bunch of others that he'd use on occasion like an Arbiter stack, Vox AC30, and I think a Rickenback stack.

As far as Effects; for his default lead tone he almost always relied on the pure tube overdrive of the amps themselves.

The obvious exception was primarily on the first 2 albums and their surrounding tours, where he famously used a Sola Sound tonebender MK II (distortion/fuzz pedal)

Page has said that pretty much beyond Zeppelin's first couple of years, he has relied on pure Marshall drive (for live atleast).

For supplementary Effect pedals; he often had a Wah (Vox/Crybaby), delay/echo (Echoplex), and often a phaser (mostly in their later Physical Graffiti and onwards days [it was usually an MXR phase 90]). Occasionally, he would implement one-off effects for single songs such as a flanger for 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' and a blue box (MXR) for 'Fool in the Rain.'

Guitars (the best part!):

Fender Telecaster (personal fav) ---- early days (1st album) and occasionally later on (ex. 'Stairway' solo, 'Ten Years Gone,' and extensively on In Through the Out Door [outfitted with B-Bender]) --------- around 1980, he began using it much more extensively again

Gibson Les Paul (duurrrr) ------------- his signature weapon (probably atleast 80% of his guitar work).

And you mentioned having a Strat? he actually used a strat quite a bit on both Presence and In Through The Out Door (with the whammy bar of course)

he also used it occasionally at other points (I think he used one on 'Thank You')

Holy Crap, I realize I rambled on and I'm sorry if I overloaded! Hopefully some of that stuff is helpful and I realize that some of it may have just been reiterating what is on one of those sites anyways. Oh well! I enjoyed writing it.

Good Luck! and Cheers,


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