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Interview with Guitar Effects Guru Roger Mayer (Made Jimmy his first Guitar Pedals


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Hey all, check this out, an interview with guitar effects pioneer Roger Mayer about his life and career. For our purposes he grew up with Jimmy Page around Epsom and made him his first guitar pedals.

Here's an excerpt:

"Well, Jimmy Page and I have the same birthday, Jimmy is two years older than me though so when I was about fifteen, he’d be about seventeen. Basically, I met these guys because they used to play around locally in the local music venues around where I lived, of which there were quite a few; that’s how we met. I had an interest even then around fifteen in changing the sound of the guitar and so forth and that’s how we began. They used to play in local youth clubs, church halls…real grassroots type of stuff."

Read the rest here:


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I enjoyed it very much.

A very insightful interview!

You get from him such a great view and flavor of the times.

What I came away with most was the fact that those pioneers back then, Mr. Mayer included, worried more about the creative process than fame and fortune.

He should write his memoir, he has done so much for the music we all love, and worked with the best, I would read it! :)

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