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  1. I am a firm believer in the healing power of music! Wishing you all the best!
  2. Very sad news indeed, about Mr. Coleby. Cookie, I saw that you mentioned earlier that he burned the memoir his friend was writing. Do you think his story will ever come out?
  3. I have spent part of today listening to the Maureeny Wishful album on YouTube. Mr. Page's sitar playing is mesmerizing. From comments in another thread on the album I garner Jimmy produced the album as well. Very intriguing stuff! C'Mon Train the final track is my favorite track, there is a haunting train effect on it, anyone know how that sound is made? I would venture to say violin bow, or possibly hurdy gurdy...but may be totally wrong. Is there any way to know for sure what tracks or parts of the various tracks Jimmy plays guitar on? I am assuming there is not, because he and Big Jim S. both played on the album ...but thought I would ask.
  4. No, I think he comes by it quite naturally!
  5. LOVE this! Great profile has he! Great pic!
  6. Aen my dear, thank you for posting this here! I saw it today and thought it was just a stunning photo of him! Jimmy is still one of the most beautiful and photogenic people ever born, the camera loves him and the eye is drawn to him. indeed!
  7. I remember today's OTD from when it originally appeared...very interesting thinking of them in tiny venues! The reason I posted this is that I just noticed that today's OTD has a post script note. And... I am on my phone, so I can't tell for sure, but I don't see a displayed date. After talking about the Charrington Pub and the Toby Jug as venues, the note below is added. peace Edited for clarity
  8. Ms. Deb, Thank goodness it's over and the weekend is here! I sure thought of you during that horrible mess! There is no way the powers that be can blame anyone but themselves! People laughed here when they shut NOLA down for two days... I say the folks in charge finally did something right, for once! (remember the 1st attempt at Hurricane Contraflow? Ugh!)
  9. Hi Potted! You forgot 12/8/2008! We had a big, fluffy snow then! It was great, except I got stuck on I -12 for hours! NOLA-area is not the place to be with ice on road! Too many bridges! I got stuck on the Huey P this past Friday evening! Horrible stuff! All work is cancelled! I am staying in!
  10. Jimmy has the badest harp on the planet! The "angel" part... I don't know! And speaking of angel.... I know I'm nuts... But always when I see this photo, the arched window in the background gives an illusion of a wing on a very well dressed angel!
  11. Uggggh! New Orleans is cold, windy and miserable! We are just not used to this! Brrrrrrrr! :freezing:
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