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Spartan Concert Reviews - Roger Waters


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Here is a link to my last concert review of me seeing Robert Plant. Also, this will be my last concert review although January 26th when I see Let's Zeppelin, Electric Funeral and Idle. Anyways, onto the review!


Ah, Pink Floyd. It was among one of the many first bands I got into, of course back when I was really just into mostly greatest hits stuff. Songs like Comfortably Numb, Time, most of Dark Side for that matter, Wish You Were Here, etc. Of course, over time I learned to expand my musical tastes in not only other genres and styles, but also exploring the full catalog of my favorite artists, going from studio albums to live albums and to bootlegs. Pink Floyd always struck me as unique. There wasn't really quite anything like them, although the same could be said for a lot of bands, there was just something special about Pink Floyd. I always knew though that the possibility of seeing Pink Floyd was totally out the window, especially when Rick Wright died, I remember that day, although vaguely. What do I have to say about Pink Floyd? There isn't much else to say that hasn't been said. Unique, great at their instruments, what they lacked in stage presence they more than enough made up for in visual effects and music. Eventually, after getting a subscription to Rolling Stone from my mother for my birthday back in July 2010, I got a magazine with Roger Waters on the cover, and it talked about his return to "The Wall". I still have that magazine with me. I didn't think much of it though, until a few years later towards when he was coming. After looking up some videos, I was totally fucking shocked at what I saw. It wasn't at all as i envisioned it. It was totally something different, a lot better than what I had in mind. Of course, I knew I had to go right then and there, and my god was I in luck, Roger hadn't come here at all yet, in fact, it wouldn't be until May 5th 2012 that he would be here, which while it wasn't a ton of time for me, to give you a small idea of when I discovered all this, but time I had, and I was bound to make the most of it. Of course, once I had the money I snatched up two tickets, one for me and one for my friend. I couldn't afford anything fancy, only the cheapest, and we wound up on the very, VERY tip top. The highest seats. I was scared that my anxiety would flare up, and SPOILERS, it did but like Robert Plant I stuck through the entire show and never left. Anyways, tickets in hand, and money for some extra goodies at the concert, we were set...

So ya, though ya, might like to, go to the show...

Days came and went, and soon May 5th arrived. I was really excited. It was my first huge arena concert, at Tulsa's very own Bank Of Oklahoma (Or as we call it, BOK) Center. About 18,000 seats roughly. I don't know if the concert was a sell out but from my inexperienced eyes it looked to be pretty damn packed. We waited outside, and soon after they had us form a line and scan our tickets, in we went. We each bought a book (He got the program book, I got making of The Wall), a poster, and T-Shirt with tour dates on the back, we killed some time by him taking me around the BOK Center. We soon found our seats and listened to the pre-show music, and talked, just killing time in general. Soon, the music stopped, the lights dimmed, and the voice came over the center. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Roger Waters show." It was something to that effect. The spartacus bit played, and then WHOOSH, the pyrotechnics went off and "In The Flesh" started. I always knew it was a truly great opener, and the live version kicked some much ass. My anxiety was high, but so was my excitement, I didn't want to leave but my anxiety was catching up, but I prevailed through the whole concert, kicking anxietys ass. Now, I honestly can't remember a lot of specific details from the concert. I get what I like to call concert amnesia. I remember some details about it and going to it and such, but not much else. I do know enjoying the hell out of the concert, Comfortably Numb blew me away, and Run Like Hell really pumped me up! The building of the wall and the animations that played on the wall itself were brilliant. They had a giant RC pig in the air, and I remember outside while waiting for the concert, there was a giant inflatable pig being paraded through downtown. Whether it had to do with Roger Waters or not, I don't know, but it sure was one hell of a coincidence. Overall, the concert was definitely a truly great one, and probably one of the best I'll ever see as far as visuals go. The Walls live shows have come a long way since 1980. Sorry I couldn't give you guys a better detailed description, but there are full concert videos of The Wall on youtube if you want to see. Someone even recorded the Tulsa show in full! Anyways, time to post some pictures I took!

The Pig


The Pig (Again)


The Wall


The Wall (Again)


The Wall (Again!)




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