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Houses of Holy 1st pressing?


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Now, let me explain. I came across this at a flea market in Myrtle beach. Don't have HOTH at the time so I figured what the crap. On the first side the matrix says ST-A-732783-A, AT, Sterling RL, and then(upside down) it says PR. On side two it says in the matrix ST-A-732784-E, And AT.


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I'll go ahead and dissect the matrix info this time (definitions taken from Steve Hoffman forum)

ST: Stereo
A: Atlantic
73: master tape first sent to Atlantic in 1973
2783: master tape catalog number
A: First lacquer cutting (A=first, B=second, so on)

AT: Record mastered by or for Atlantic
STERLING: record mastered at Sterling in New York
RL: Robert Ludwig, mastering engineer

PR: metal parts made at Philips in Richmond, Indiana

This all applies to the second side, although it would appear that side two is the fifth lacquer cutting (E). Do the back of the album cover (and the record label) show the 1841 Broadway address for Atlantic?

I have an early release of this as well, mine is E and D though (fifth and sixth lacquer cutting).

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The Rockefeller address tells me that it's a later pressing, the address changed to Rockefeller (I believe) sometime in 1974. The earlier pressings had the Broadway address.

Still though, it's a Robert Ludwig mastered at Sterling, I bet it sounds pretty good. Is the vinyl thick or thin?

Edit: Does side two say Sterling or RL?

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