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Led Zep "Dior" commercial?


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Anyone else seen the new commercial for Christian Dior perfume featuring "Whole Lotta Love?"

Is this really NECESSARY? I'm not totally against using popular music in ads. I've discovered some good new music through their use in commercials. But I really think this should be limited to little known acts or those just starting to break thorough.

By allowing their songs to be used for commercials, Led Zep is just WATERING down their impact and risking OVEREXPOSURE. Case in point, the Who. Thank God I'm not a fan of either "CSI" shows or I'd be SICK to death of hearing "Who Are You?" or "Won't Get Fooled Again!"

Just like anything in life, be it the finest steak and yes, Led Zep's best, you're bound to get SICK of it if you have it ALL the time. That's how I got BURNED OUT on Zep, by listening to them AD NAUSEUM on "classic rock" radio (anyone else remember that?). It wasn't until recently that I was able to listen to Zep again, especially the DEEP cuts, with fresh ears.

I hope this is the LAST one of these types of commercials we see in a LONG time (if not, forever). There's no NEED for it. They've made tons of money, are known the world over, and their records continue to sell. Please Led Zep, don't RUIN your legacy.

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