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Charles J. White

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I have always had a special place in my heart for Joe Elliott, only because I think, and it could be just an act on his part, but I think he is one of us, a genuine music dude from a blue collar background who just happened to make it. I could picture him at a used record store just shooting the shit about music trivia because he sort of gives off that vibe on his radio show. And perhaps on a subconscious level that is why he released this as the single so that the music junkies would get the message:


The one thing I could nit pick about the tune is that they dropped the cool telephone bits for some reason which is odd because it sort of what the song is about, ringing up ones buddies or mates or whatever.

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I have had some time to just zone out on the album "The Further Adventures of..." a few things about it:

I think the band really put a lot of thought into the running order of the songs, it really seems to fit into a tight package even though the songs have a lose and relaxed sort of vibe about them. Although the only Mott the Hoople song I had paid much attention was One of the Boys growing up, they were never really a band I understood or who spoke to me for whatever reason. The other song which I knew but had kind of forgotten about was Marionette (I think perhaps because it just never makes the radio these days?) This is a GREAT album, and I never thought I would say this because in my mind before buying it, it was just a bunch of guys recording it who were perhaps lost or unsure what road to travel - but nothing could be further from that idea.

The guitar playing is top notch, and the tone of the guitar/amp combo the players use is fucking great. The drummer does a great job of keeping the whole thing moving in one direction and pulling the band back at the right moments. Joe Elliott sounds AWESOME on this package, very blue collar working class style of vocals.

I think the 3 songs song which hit me the hardest on a emotional level was rediscovering "Marionette" the opening lines "No puppet, no liar, won't bend my lips to wire, no Don't pressurize me so Don't gamble, with my life or you won't live to do it twice" which sort of reminded me of my professional life when I have had to walk away from employers. When I heard "The Journey" for the first time, a profound sense guilt came over me for missing so much of my daughter's first 7 years of her life and not being there to help out someone who I lost along the way. And I must say the "Original Mixed Up Kid" is another song which I had never heard before which again hit me like a ton of bricks about family and being alone. But enough of that, the album rocks, and it rides free and has a real sense of fun about it.

Strider, I think you should buy it, you would like it, I really had no idea what sort of writer Ian Hunter was which is odd for a music guy like me, but he was never really heard on Canadian radio much. Geekfreak, I think this album would appeal you. And I think Chill would love it as well.

The album cover and liner notes are amazing with a comic book inside which takes me back to being 12 years old again. I loved comic books!

As a bonus, I'm sure at the very end they actually play Marionette backwards which brought a smile to my face - so retro and so fun.


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