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Did you ever have a dream with one or more of LZ in it? What did they say or do? What was going on in your life at the time and did the dream have any impact on your situation?

I just posted that I had a dream last night about Jimmy!

We were eating breakfast jimmy snd I was eating some eggs and I didn't like the way jimmy was eating them the way the english like their eggs i didn't like them and asked to order the way i like my eggs.

We were eating on a table across from each other.

The only impact that I can think of is I have been fantiziesing about Jimmy lately.

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I used to dream that I was married to Robert and would sit on his lap, hanging out with the band. He was always singing to me too!!

Okay, I can't lie.. these were dreams but I was AWAKE!!! More like wishful thinking than dreams I guess! :hysterical:

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