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  1. I don't know why anyone drives in the city! Its so much easier, and actually faster sometimes, to walk or take the TTC. Actually, its not just Toronto, there are way too many cars just about everywhere now. I'm a UWO student and I'm so glad I take the bus here- the streets in London are ALWAYS crazy.
  2. No, you're not being harsh IMO- you're just being truthful. I understand what its like to be completely infatuated with Jimmy- really I do, ladies!- but some of y'all are just totally over the top. Maybe Headmaster Jimmy should be brought back into existence so all that fantasy stuff can stay there. While the rest of us can peacefully enjoy items like this: And yes, like Obsessedwithzeppelin, theocean, LMJPP, B_B... the Hot Pics o' Jimmy thread was my second home! But now, I'm just tired of trying to sift through page after page of "Jimmy resurrects dead animals with his smile" type stuff (and not to mention the strings of photos quoted right after someone posts them, and the mile long signatures! Drives me ccrraazzy!)
  3. I bow to you Ev. Everything you said is so true. I actually feel nauseous reading some of the posts in here!
  4. I posted that one a few pages ago, without a watermark. Guess it just got lost in all the garbage.
  5. Beautiful! Oh and you too, ledded.
  6. Where did the monkey come from? Its so f-ing cute.
  7. Aggghhhh that's adorable!
  8. I'm still in the dark...
  9. Here's me at school, I don't think I was as mad as I look
  10. Really?? Well, they looked new to my eyes! I guess I hadn't looked at them in a long time then. And I have no idea who is pretending to be who, or whatever. That's pretty lame though... is that really all some people have to do with their time...?
  11. Those are great, Ev! Thanks for posting them. I hadn't seen some of them before.
  12. I literally can't differentiate between the pisstaking and the regular garbage in this thread- who/what/where is this piss taking occuring because it all sounds normal to me!
  13. He looks really worn out here.
  14. My reply was something like... "What, he's just playing football in his underwear. Don't you ever do that?" I realize it must be a speedo, or something, though. But not like it matters. :D
  15. I voted Swan Song but then remembered Bron-Yr-Aur, which I think is my favourite. Its just gorgeous.
  16. Quote from my (male) friend whom I e-mailed this photo to: "If I stand in a goofy pose with one foot off the ground like that, mine looks that big too."
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