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  1. How ignorant- Michael Jackson has been beloved by many for a very long time. Just because in recent years his personal life has been in the spotlight, his importance to the music industry is still indisputable, and that is why so many love him. And that is why his death is such a big deal, not because he was a 'joke.'
  2. Listening to this right now, loove it!
  3. Where did the monkey come from? Its so f-ing cute.
  4. Aggghhhh that's adorable!
  5. Well the one in Toronto has some of Bonzo's drumsticks... though I think they could be just any old drumsticks!
  6. I know. I honestly will never understand some people.
  7. What a sad story. Michael Jackson had such a fucked up life, the whole thing's just tragic. Anyone who doesn't empathize with that is very cold. I'm pretty shocked at his sudden death. I think this is the biggest icon I have ever seen die. RIP.
  8. Oh man. Two icons in one day... how weird. "Who's Loving You" came on my iTunes yesterday and I was thinking how amazing he used to be, and how sad it is the way his life turned out. edit-- but I won't believe he died until a reliable source says its true!
  9. I was going to say, David Carradine! [edit: Oh yeah, Moonmaid, Ed McMahon] And dead? I don't trust TMZ as a source!
  10. "Is there anything that you know that we could join in on...?" Jimmy: "Yeah, yeah there is." Robert: "Well can you give us a clue to what it is??"
  11. I'm still in the dark...
  12. Here's me at school, I don't think I was as mad as I look
  13. Really?? Well, they looked new to my eyes! I guess I hadn't looked at them in a long time then. And I have no idea who is pretending to be who, or whatever. That's pretty lame though... is that really all some people have to do with their time...?
  14. Those are great, Ev! Thanks for posting them. I hadn't seen some of them before.
  15. I literally can't differentiate between the pisstaking and the regular garbage in this thread- who/what/where is this piss taking occuring because it all sounds normal to me!
  16. He looks really worn out here.
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