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  1. I know this may be a bit out of line to post this here and I apologize for that, but I'm not selling anything, just asking for a click and a vote. I volunteer at a place that provides support for grieving kids and their families and we have nominated one of our kids to represent us in a local holiday boat parade. It would really mean a lot to this kid so please vote for him and share with friends and family. Thank you. ❤ https://woobox.com/gicsoj/gallery/fB5LhhJuS2k
  2. Wonderful news slave! I'm happy about so much I don't know where to start! My Ancestry DNA kit and the remasters arrived! My bathroom will be ready for the gorgeous new tiles we picked out hopefully by the end of today and then we can put in the new vanities, toilet, light fixtures, etc. Then it's on to the new floors throughout the house. The bamboo flooring should be delivered today. My house will be a wreck for a little while but it will be worth it once everything is done. We're very excited, it's going to look so good. I'll be sure to post some pictures! After a few
  3. zengac

    Been MIA

    Sure hope you're okay clw and I hope your ear feels better soon henrybonzo!
  4. ^^ Close .. just a bit further north, Fort Lauderdale... or as it use to be called Fort Liquordale!
  5. It is pretty funky, isn't it Paul?! We're getting some of that rain now down here too.
  6. Hope you had a great brithday Paul!
  7. ^^^ I agree, these are great photos! Thanks for sharing them!
  8. One of my new tomato plants ...
  9. Well said Charles, I agree 100% and feel the same way.
  10. ^^^^ Very good to know!
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