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Physical Graffiti


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I've had that problem with boots. Depending on your system or EQ you can bring the bottom up. If your system has pre-set equalization choices it will be tough. Since I started collecting/downloading boots I bought a component EQ (nothing crazy, middle of the road Harmon Kardon). I have a lot of fun with it.

I first used used it on the 3.17.73  tape from an EV source and through trial and error I found the right mix. Voila, bass and bass drum. I played with mid range for snare drums but I'm not an engineer and never got the sound I imagined. 

The re issues are are great sounding. Official releases, I just use the component for an amp of sorts and boost everything equally.

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I'm testing the 'Super Deluxe'.

In the CD Nº1 'The Rover': When Robert is singing, before the Jimmy's guitar solo, it sounds like a "background sea" noise... it doesn't last long, just a few seconds. :wtf:

Does anybody have the same "problem"?

Anyway, I don't think it's so drastic to as return the box... :unsure: 

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